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MyHarmony1  Jul 12, 2010
Nice, very nice. Lends itself to my fancy little Banner. Thanks, author, whoever you are!
andhykasaputra  Jul 20, 2010
why i cant to extract this font!?? please help me..
Ja_Hae  Jul 27, 2010
Cassidy1495  Aug 03, 2010
Those things on the side don't show up on the actual font. And only some letters can be capitalized. Periods don't show up. It's ok but not great...
ReD CoDe  Sep 19, 2010

freshvinc  Sep 29, 2010
I think that too many capital letter are missing to rate out this font... Will them be added..?!?
ckrivanek  Jan 07, 2011
The swirlies don't show up =/
Robert165  Aug 14, 2011
A very nice font for a pleasant looking positive typeface. Great job to The Original.
msjlr11  Dec 12, 2011
The swirlies are the brackets... Click on the font sample to see all the keystrokes.
kamaŽl  Dec 18, 2011
j'aime bien
SpaceOctopus  Dec 21, 2012
Cassidy, why don't you try actually looking for shit before opening your mouth? Don't go badmouthing something you obviously didn't spend any time or effort trying to figure out. It's really crappy to do to someone who took the time to make something original and lovely and share it for free, just to have some a-hole like you try to put their work down because you're too stupid to figure it out. Be grateful and stfu, I doubt you could do anything better, let alone anything close, so where do you get off saying that kind of crap? Regardless of whether or not it DIDN'T include those accents, you could take the time and get off your lazy ass to find some (very very easily, I might add) and put them there, with no effort, but guess what? They ARE there. Not to mention, just because of something like that, it wouldn't change whether or not this is a nice font. You're just being an a-hole with nothing nice to say. Why even bother posting a comment if you were just going to bitch about it being only "OK" and not up to your "standards" (if you could even call them that....) and having nothing interesting, constructive or reasonable to actually say that is worth anything? I just see no point in it. You were just being a dick. You look even more like a dick though because you couldn't even bother to find out you were wrong in the first place. Just like everyone else on the internet, you're ungrateful, rude, disrespectful, lazy and stupid. You're unwilling to do ANY work or even TRY to do things yourself, you want everything done for YOU....and it's really shitty that such a great thing like the internet, a place to learn and do anything you could ever want to do, has made people like you into even worse people, thinking your opinion is SO important, and everyone in the world needs to know, demanding everything from everyone, for free and getting pissed off and insulting people when you don't, or it's not exactly how you want it. Not bothering to read up on things, or do the research, or to try things and getting mad at other people when shit doesn't work for you, for that very reason. I am tired of you.
I know, to the rest of you people, this seems a bit too much, a bit ridiculous, a bit overdone, just because of one stupid comment, but hopefully you understand and maybe even agree, this shit really needs to stop. They've made computers FAR too easy to use and the internet even easier to use, when it used to take at least a bit of intelligence to get one working for you. That would at least help weed out SOME of the assholes. Now it's as easy as them picking their ass. It's really a bummer. The internet should be used for porn and learning and sharing art and knowledge....not for being privileged, whiny, spoiled douchebags who think they're better than everyone else to have a place to complain about the shit they're getting for free and for hurling racism, homophobia and other hate-speak at people on youtube etc!
hakeemsanchez  Jun 10, 2014
hey anyone know where i can find fonts similar to these? or how to capitalize the R and G , i really dig the font just i need those Two capitalized
basV  Dec 02, 2014
Very funny to copy it from Toverland (www.toverland.com)
heav8i8  Sep 02, 2016
I love this font and it is perfect for my Company Logo. how can I get approval to use in my Logo mock ups? Please reach out to me @ butrfly8810@gmail.com to let me know how to obtain approval from the Creative!
kaiami  Oct 30, 2017
Nice! Thank you for your lovely work!!
Iuri-Lua  Sep 08, 2018
Very cool font. It isn't as complete as I thought it was (I needed some more capitals) but was very helpful! Thanks a lot!
Dawnrra  Mar 09, 2022
Wow! This font is awesome!
And I wholeheartedly agree with SpaceOctopus... It's a shame that so many people suck!
Thank you, Original 19 for sharing this beautiful font with the world!

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