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TheBossDu35  Apr 08, 2006
Pas mal pokemon !lol XD
Soulshards  Mar 10, 2007
LOL it seriously looks like POKeMON!!! (Goes out to laugh)

C'est genial.
kalie525  Mar 11, 2007
sweet! i luv pokemon thnx!
bethxxx  Jun 29, 2007
gotta catch em all lol
lv it keep it up
rugellin786  Sep 10, 2007
This was the first font that caught my eye... I love Pokemon!!!!
Amalia P  Nov 24, 2007
this font is so dang cool
My sister has a Pokemon game
shsn  Apr 27, 2008
pretty cool
aryl_ruffino  May 01, 2008
i fucking love this.
like you have no idea.

Absol63570  May 14, 2008
Cool, je chercher cette police depuis longtemps ! =)
Icheeva  Jun 19, 2008
LOl it actually looks like pokemon, this is cool
aspen  Aug 17, 2008
cio this is kool
Kaii  Sep 18, 2008
Woahhh. I SEE TEH POKEs! xD

Good job~
stuwiefonter  Nov 05, 2008
Great Font,Thanks! Is that free for people to use for personal projects, for example as a font for a CD case Im designing?
ahmrajrea  Nov 18, 2008
wooow c tres jolie avec font de pekemon
2koul  Dec 17, 2008
hey chek that out! great pokemon site...best pokemon RPG!!!
2koul  Dec 17, 2008
hey chek that out! great pokemon site...best pokemon RPG!!!
L=Lawliet  Mar 17, 2009
This font is great!
Pokemon is my country's cartoon.
DaBigCheeze  Mar 28, 2009
It looks pretty nice.
alexdude98  Apr 30, 2009
I love this! It's a must-have font for all Pokemon fans!
wifeyxtypeox  Aug 26, 2009
the bEST .! lol
alexpanda  Oct 15, 2009
maxpaparoach  Apr 23, 2010
super je vais pouvoir faire du phishing sur pkémon lol depuis le temps que je voulais le faire !!!!!!

Merci beaucoup =)
Dragon200  Oct 03, 2010
It reminds me of the popular japanese tv show. Very cool.
Jawjawjaw3  Dec 12, 2010
Awesomer than the awesomest thing of all awesome awesome things.
Soco  Jan 08, 2011
Merci C'est super
charlenegraces02  Apr 03, 2011
this is just my favorite anime whn i was 6. =) I LIKE POKEMON FONT and of course ash =)
charlenegraces02  Apr 03, 2011
i just knew pokemon means "Pocket Monster"
STars_Gerrard  Jul 30, 2011
nice i Like Pokemon :)
ashpikachu099  Feb 11, 2012
I like your font it caught my eye. I get a kick out of the tv show. Ash Ketchumum would say awesome. Pikapikachuuuuu. 8)
kawiis  Mar 21, 2012
imekas  Sep 07, 2012
Thanks a lot, I was looking for it!!!
zdroweodzywianie  Sep 07, 2012
Oh yes, this is it!
akademia  Sep 07, 2012
It is my favourite cartoon
faceta  Sep 07, 2012
Me too, I love this movie
sposobystres  Sep 07, 2012
Great anime font!
poradnikzdrowie  Sep 07, 2012
Pokemons are great!
sztukaspania  Sep 07, 2012
I love this cartoon movie!!!
tajemniceuw  Sep 07, 2012
Great cheerful font to use!
pixie_princezz  Dec 03, 2012
i like this font but i dont like pokemon.
hhhhhhhhhh  Dec 10, 2012
Is that free for labels logos for exp? Thanks I like it !
eclair-vanilla  Dec 12, 2012
Ronnie Mřller  Dec 14, 2012
Who have created this pokemon texture?
DovahGirl  Jan 24, 2014
ˇ I Love It !
kred  Apr 13, 2014
Gorgeous font...
r_sustaita  Apr 22, 2016
Comercial info please r_sustaita@yahoo.com
dragana004  Jul 17, 2016
is this font free for commercial use?
klittle  Jul 27, 2016
Is this font free for commercial use? Please get back to me.
codecentric  Sep 28, 2016
Hi, please let us now is this font free for commercial use?
It is quite urgent :)
Deleted user 947467  Oct 25, 2016
Wow ! Why does this font look so awesome ? Pretty nice !
Treated  Nov 07, 2016
Wow ! So nice font, wanted to find it from a couple of months ;)
nelly0304  Jan 05, 2017
Can I buy this font for commercial use?
BrookeWai  Jan 17, 2017
Can I buy this font for commercial use also?
elelel  Jan 26, 2017
is this possible to purchase for commercial use? please let me know
MMM05  Mar 25, 2017
Is this font for personal or commercial use? Please email me at mm.mitchell05@gmail.com. Thank you!
Chaunceybillsup  Apr 08, 2017
Can I use this for commercial use? Email me @chaunceyoliver10@gmail.com
marco.damsort  Sep 01, 2017
J'adore !
Pandamino  Sep 26, 2017
can this be used for commercial use?
Cert-n  Dec 11, 2017
Dafont, I 💘 u for this.
Joolzwl  Feb 05, 2018
I'd like to use this for a commercial use. Can you please tell me if that's ok. Email me at pashacattv@gmail.com
edithamber  Feb 27, 2018
can i use this for a youtube video?
mtamez  May 02, 2018
I'm interested in using this font for commercial use. I would appreciate it if you would let me know if that's alright. Thank you. mary
Ssssssoooooo  May 03, 2018
Hi! I am interested in your very cute and beautiful font! So I want to use for my educational material. Could you tell me if it is no problem? Or please tell me how to do if I want to purchase this one! I will waiting your answer! Thank u!
twistedstrings  Nov 10, 2018
Please let me know if I may use this font for commercial use.
Thank you, Sherry
jessymstephens  Feb 13, 2019
I'm wondering if I can use this for commercial use?
Thank you,
rocketkambria  Mar 12, 2019
SaltyB0i  Jun 03, 2019
Commercial use?
greywalker  Jan 18, 2020
I'd like to use this for commercial use. Info please. greywalker52@yahoo.com
richgirlglamourllc  Apr 25, 2020
Hello, I love this font and would love to use it for commercial use. info please RichGirlGlamourllc@gmail.com
karamadeitcustoms  Aug 06, 2020
Hi! I would love to use this font for commercial use. Please email me with info at karamadeit00@gmail.com Thanks!
karamadeitcustoms  Aug 06, 2020
I found what appears to be the same font on another site (link below) and its labelled as creative commons. Hope it helps. :)

Krob20  Nov 10, 2020
Good evening
Love this font
I would like to use this font on shirt, qnd cups and sell them. Please let me know if there are conditions or arrangements . My email kimberleyrobson@blueyonder.co.uk Thanks
animemon  Dec 28, 2020
Good Morning,
I am interested in using this font for commercial use
please get in contact. and good job
Here is my email, hope to hear from you soon

bekah2005  Mar 08, 2021
Has anyone heard back about using this font for commercial use? Thanks
tiggrounet  Oct 16, 2021
je voudrais l'utiliser ŕ des fins commerciales, pouvez vous m'envoyé le prix et le mode de paiement tiggrounet@hotmail.fr
Daniellemonjaras123  Aug 09, 2022
I need do more fonts
IFC2211380  May 14, 2023
Hello can Iuse it for comercial purpose ? thank you

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