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TheBossDu35  08/04/2006
Pas mal pokemon !lol XD
Soulshards  10/03/2007
LOL it seriously looks like POKeMON!!! (Goes out to laugh)

C'est genial.
kalie525  11/03/2007
sweet! i luv pokemon thnx!
bethxxx  29/06/2007
gotta catch em all lol
lv it keep it up
rugellin786  10/09/2007
This was the first font that caught my eye... I love Pokemon!!!!
Amalia P  24/11/2007
this font is so dang cool
My sister has a Pokemon game
shsn  27/04/2008
pretty cool
aryl_ruffino  01/05/2008
i fucking love this.
like you have no idea.

Absol63570  14/05/2008
Cool, je chercher cette police depuis longtemps ! =)
Icheeva  19/06/2008
LOl it actually looks like pokemon, this is cool
aspen  17/08/2008
cio this is kool
Kaii  18/09/2008
Woahhh. I SEE TEH POKEs! xD

Good job~
stuwiefonter  05/11/2008
Great Font,Thanks! Is that free for people to use for personal projects, for example as a font for a CD case Im designing?
ahmrajrea  18/11/2008
wooow c tres jolie avec font de pekemon
2koul  17/12/2008
hey chek that out! great pokemon site...best pokemon RPG!!!
2koul  17/12/2008
hey chek that out! great pokemon site...best pokemon RPG!!!
L=Lawliet  17/03/2009
This font is great!
Pokemon is my country's cartoon.
DaBigCheeze  28/03/2009
It looks pretty nice.
alexdude98  30/04/2009
I love this! It's a must-have font for all Pokemon fans!
wifeyxtypeox  26/08/2009
the bEST .! lol
alexpanda  15/10/2009
maxpaparoach  23/04/2010
super je vais pouvoir faire du phishing sur pkémon lol depuis le temps que je voulais le faire !!!!!!

Merci beaucoup =)
Dragon200  03/10/2010
It reminds me of the popular japanese tv show. Very cool.
Jawjawjaw3  12/12/2010
Awesomer than the awesomest thing of all awesome awesome things.
Soco  08/01/2011
Merci C'est super
charlenegraces02  03/04/2011
this is just my favorite anime whn i was 6. =) I LIKE POKEMON FONT and of course ash =)
charlenegraces02  03/04/2011
i just knew pokemon means "Pocket Monster"
STars_Gerrard  30/07/2011
nice i Like Pokemon :)
ashpikachu099  11/02/2012
I like your font it caught my eye. I get a kick out of the tv show. Ash Ketchumum would say awesome. Pikapikachuuuuu. 8)
kawiis  21/03/2012
imekas  07/09/2012
Thanks a lot, I was looking for it!!!
zdroweodzywianie  07/09/2012
Oh yes, this is it!
akademia  07/09/2012
It is my favourite cartoon
faceta  07/09/2012
Me too, I love this movie
sposobystres  07/09/2012
Great anime font!
poradnikzdrowie  07/09/2012
Pokemons are great!
sztukaspania  07/09/2012
I love this cartoon movie!!!
tajemniceuw  07/09/2012
Great cheerful font to use!
pixie_princezz  03/12/2012
i like this font but i dont like pokemon.
hhhhhhhhhh  10/12/2012
Is that free for labels logos for exp? Thanks I like it !
eclair-vanilla  12/12/2012
Ronnie Mřller  14/12/2012
Who have created this pokemon texture?
DovahGirl  24/01/2014
ˇ I Love It !
kred  13/04/2014
Gorgeous font...
r_sustaita  22/04/2016
Comercial info please r_sustaita@yahoo.com
dragana004  17/07/2016
is this font free for commercial use?
klittle  27/07/2016
Is this font free for commercial use? Please get back to me.
codecentric  28/09/2016
Hi, please let us now is this font free for commercial use?
It is quite urgent :)
Utilisateur supprimé 947467  25/10/2016
Wow ! Why does this font look so awesome ? Pretty nice !
Treated  07/11/2016
Wow ! So nice font, wanted to find it from a couple of months ;)
nelly0304  05/01/2017
Can I buy this font for commercial use?
BrookeWai  17/01/2017
Can I buy this font for commercial use also?
elelel  26/01/2017
is this possible to purchase for commercial use? please let me know
MMM05  25/03/2017
Is this font for personal or commercial use? Please email me at mm.mitchell05@gmail.com. Thank you!
Chaunceybillsup  08/04/2017
Can I use this for commercial use? Email me @chaunceyoliver10@gmail.com
marco.damsort  01/09/2017
J'adore !
Pandamino  26/09/2017
can this be used for commercial use?

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