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Ghastly Panic

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kpx0xangel  Nov 23, 2006


i really like this font, but i'm not sure how to use it.

kupkake  Dec 06, 2006
omgizzle i like love this font so much and i :[ dont know how to use it..make meh sad
esmemondragon.  Mar 12, 2007
this ones my favorite.
& for those who dont noe how to use it.
u put the text in the "custom preview" box.
SODDA  Mar 24, 2007
i like this font
but idk how to use it either
SYDNEYSULU  Apr 01, 2007
i really like this one
i need to find out how to like write with this
like i have it downloaded and onto paint
but like
how do i make the words into a picture?
like this
zombiegore  Apr 14, 2007
ok this is what you do download it go to control panel in your start menu or whatever and click on appearance and themes look on the left hand side at the very top it well say FONTS click on that and you have your fonts ok thats how u get to your fonts to gt your fonts you downloaded on to it go to your my documents and click make new folder and name it fonts folder click and open it now go back to the file that you opened and click on the file look on the left hand side again and there should be a thing that says move this file click that and find where it says my documents and find the folder then click move and then just put all your fonts on there and when your done just select all of them and click and drag them in to your Fonts file and then open like paint or whatever you have and find the name of the font and there you go you can write with it if you need help e mail me or im me on aim at dirtysceneboy
stephanievillasenor  Apr 27, 2007
i cant find it on my font's thing i need mad help i want to use it on a pic..please send me a msg!
tatianahxc  Jun 02, 2007
i love this one!
SamHeroine  Jun 10, 2007
I downloaded it like a 1000000 times!
But I can never use it!
I don't find it anywhere!

imsofreakinhardcore  Jun 22, 2007
I followed the instructions to download the font and it keeps on saying its alredy being used in another program? HELP!
22kevin22  Jul 01, 2007
i love thiss
cant use itt
ticos  Jul 27, 2007
i love this font<33333;;
zombiegore  Aug 31, 2007
oh yeah you have to close like everything other then what you need like even this thing you have to close
Candy-Core  Sep 04, 2007
Amazing xD
Laurenx.  Sep 27, 2007
keeps saying the same to me to,
i closed every program but it still
says it's being used.
zebrashit  Jan 20, 2008
HELLOOO scene kid font! woooo mahspace, kids!
AK92  Feb 24, 2008
Great font! I used it in a few sigs and it truly adds a thrilling effect
skateproethan205  Mar 16, 2008
luv this font dude! but guys really its not hard to install it...
7Thommo7  Apr 14, 2008
i created a separate folder - "Fonts", i save them in there, then u right-click them and click "extract here", another file will appear beside it, this needs to be dragged into the real "Fonts" folder, which can be found in:
My Computer/C/Windows/Fonts
just drag the font file into this folder and the font can be used on any package! :)
dinoninja1  Jun 17, 2008
um..all i need to know is how to save it
&& then i go the rest
plz help

=] <3
Microsoft Fonts  Jul 12, 2008
OK, it's time I cleared this debate up. Step by step instructions on how to use fonts (this counts for all fonts).

Step 1: Create a folder on your Desktop. Preferably named New Fonts.

Step 2: Download the font you want.

Step 3: Find it and place it into your New Fonts folder.

Step 4: Open up your New Fonts folder.

Step 5: Open the WinRAR Archive of the font you want.

Step 6: Right-click the font file and click where it says "Extract to the specified folder".

Step 7: In the bar where it says "Specify destination" (or something similar), type C:\WINDOWS\Fonts, and it will be alongside all your other fonts, ready to use!

Hope it helps! ^_^


Benny A.
hxcraven  Jul 15, 2008
It doesn't really seem hard to figure out how to use it...I mean there are step-by-step instructions below.
But this is my absolute favvv font.

Add me to myspace.
Bibliotricen  Jul 22, 2008

Check out my link. I used the font to my tattoo! I think it is pretty cool. Thank you for designing it:-)
⟳ә pale horse⟲  Dec 25, 2008
Scene kids ruined this great font,using terms such as "br00t4l" or their vivid use of the false-grindcore genre.
Scene kids epically fail.
noemecorp  Dec 30, 2008
;DDD !! OMG es mi favoriita Carayyy's!
muuy Buena , nana Poka mamii (:
J3ss1c4  Jan 14, 2009
I really like this one.. and It's not difficult to use?

@ Bibliotricen: looks great!
Bibliotricen  Mar 21, 2009
Thanks - I am so happy with the result - I later got the word Lebensfreude on the other wrist in a "nice" handwriting
sickfreak456  Jul 25, 2009
hey can i use this font for a shirt?
rajeshna  Sep 01, 2009
splendid job i can say in short............
this one is my favorite font here and im not sure how to use it on myspace. can anyone please help me out here? thanx
SinisterFonts  author of Ghastly Panic   Sep 02, 2010
Hi, Folks - I'm the guy that created this font. To answer the question "How do I use it": Silly kids. That's what Google is for. Look up "How to install a font". If you want to use it on MySpace or the web in general, you'll probably have to create a graphic (rather than using the font directly), but that's a whole other tutorial/conversation. To those who ask "Can I use it for (whatever)?", the answer is YES! All my fonts are 100% free to use for whatever you want to use them for. The *only* thing I ever ask is that you don't claim you made it. Links back to are always appreciated, and I love to see what you do with my fonts, so sending samples is nice too. ENJOY!
Acr1m  Mar 02, 2013
Hey, I'm jux poppin in to give you a quick shout out as I download the txt :P Thank you for your contribution. If I ever end up using this text, I'll be sure to give you credit
DivinePath  May 14, 2021
can i use this for commercial purposes?
SinisterFonts  author of Ghastly Panic   May 18, 2021
Once again, yes, all Sinister Fonts are free to use for personal & commercial purposes
Banny  Oct 02, 2021
Hellooo, so when I try to use this font on capcut it tells me "file is not supported" Does anyone know how to fix that? I followed a tut capcut gave me but I have no idea if I can use this font for it. Could someone pleaseee helpppp.
losingleoo  Dec 11, 2021
@Banny to add a font you have to download it and it will give you a folder of it. Click the folder and press the 1st file! Yw (Idk how to do on andriod)  Jan 28, 2022
I love this font! Iím gonna use it for my velocity edits!! <3 😩😩
Cherry17  Feb 04, 2022
Halo, font yang sangat bagus, saya berpikir menggunakannya untuk keperluan komersial, jika ada masalah dengan font ini tolong hubungi saya di terimakasih<3
Nilactrx  Aug 03, 2022
I love it really much but I noticed that when Iím using it the letter W always is invisible. What is the proplem?

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