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tophy52  09/05/2006
This is "THE" Grand Theft Auto font.
loser  29/08/2007
oh! I did not know it

agustinluisbou92  22/08/2008
La fuente del juego en red GTA (Grand Theft Auto).
Masturmind  22/11/2008
Story behind it:
the author (Ray Larabie) was a worker at RockstarGames, the company behind Grand Theft Auto. He based his font on the letters used for the show 'The Price Is Right'. Later he used it for the Grand Theft Auto III logo. Since then it has been used for all the GTA logo's, from GTA III to GTA Chinatownwars...
Roger S. Nelsson  21/07/2009
For those of you looking for an improved version with more/better accents etc: Ray Larabie has allowed me to rework his fonts and offer them with a (very generous) commercial license.
So if you need a professional quality Unicode OpenType or TrueType version of this font with a multilingual and expanded character set - you will find it here:
(Ray Larabie receives royalties from all sales)
wallyhooker  28/09/2009
I think this is the font used on HGTV's "Curb Appeal" tv show!!
ashpikachu099  15/05/2011
It obviously came from "The Price Is Right" tv game show on CBS starring "Drew Carrey" (Formally Bob Barker). Come on down your the next contestant on the price is right!
typodermic  autor de Pricedown   15/05/2011
It was popularized by the Price is Right but was available in the 1970s from the Dan X Solo photo-typesetting service under the name Pinto Flare. Canada Type also did aversion called Jazz Gothic.
Sandy2711  04/10/2013
When I install this font and use it, some of the letters has long flicks, For example, when I type a "L" the lower part of the "L" kind of underlines the next letter. How can I get rid of these flick things?
typodermic  autor de Pricedown   09/10/2013
If your application has an option to turn off ligatures or "standard ligatures" that will stop the "flares". If you're using an Abode app, it's in the OpenType menu on the text formatting palette.
estrella230  06/11/2015
can i use this font for Commercial use? i sell key charms (with text), T-Shirts with (text) etc.. and i search for a font that i can use for all the things that i make myself. it's only a little production - for Christmas markets and max. 100 a year. it is also allowed to make logos, Flyers etc. with your font?
typodermic  autor de Pricedown   06/11/2015
Yes, it's free for commercial use. Good luck with your projects.
rianchochochiko  20/03/2018
great font..thank you so much
Shiron212  22/10/2018
I love this font since GTA III, thanks
Kenyataq  08/11/2018
I cannot get this font to work properly. I am wanting the r to underline the next letter, and its not doing so. Can someone help? This is being used with the silhouette software. Thanks!
typodermic  autor de Pricedown   09/11/2018
I don't think Silhouette apps support the "standard ligatures" feature. But you can manually select the glyphs you want in an external app and copy/paste them in. For example, in Windows, the Character Map tool. There's a tutorial that shows how it works on the Mac.
Raffman18  14/02/2019
I am using this font in Adobe Photoshop, I've made text on its own layer. Every time I've typed it up, it is showing me a slight slant. The left side being 1px or 2px higher than the right side. the "W" is a different size. I haven't done any changes to it. Only typed it up and that's it! I don't know how to fix this. Please help!
typodermic  autor de Pricedown   15/02/2019
Make sure you have the rendering set to smooth:
fabulous12321  07/05/2019
haunter  16/07/2019
the most iconic font ever
jjwalker91  26/08/2019
This is amazing! Can I use this commercially? Just for a Youtube channel.
typodermic  autor de Pricedown   30/08/2019
It's no problem. There's details included with the font.
Adioz  08/12/2019
Can i get it on Android (mi)
typodermic  autor de Pricedown   09/12/2019
The explanation for installing fonts in Android is difficult, at least as of late 2019. Do some research and see what you can find. If you have a rooted phone, it's easy, otherwise, not so easy.
Skribble  07/03/2020
I like the font so I downloaded it but I can't figure out why it won't let me install on my computer. Any advise how I may be able to use it?
typodermic  autor de Pricedown   12/03/2020
Assuming Windows 10: remove the file from the zip, right click and "install". FAQ here:
iamjaydee  18/06/2020
I did have an issue with the ligatures in general, it's like the one for the 'r' character only goes under certain other characters. For instance the word 'Lorem" will have the r go below the 'e'. Hiwever in a words like 'curve' it will not...It would be just a regular 'r'. Im on a mac using illustrator and photoshop and I see the character preview ok in Font Book.
typodermic  autor de Pricedown   22/06/2020
Yeah, it uses ligatures because the letters the swashes need to tuck under are different lengths. Sometimes the best way to deal with a tricky combo is to select the word, turn off the ligatures feature and pick glyphs manually with a glyphs/characters palette.
@eurydyce  04/10/2020
Thanks for allowing usbto use it for free even for commercial use. You are great and you help us so much. God bless you and more power
RyanDri3957V  11/10/2020
This is Grand Theft Auto Font
elitehax33  26/11/2020
i actually found a website that had the other styles of this font. so what i want to say is that will it be illegal if i download them?
typodermic  autor de Pricedown   28/11/2020
Yes, the only free style is Pricedown: Black. You can purchase the rest here:
Somethingffs  05/05/2021
Woah, is this the GTA font?
typodermic  autor de Pricedown   07/05/2021
Yes. Here's a video explaining its origins.
bemba121fly  23/02/2022
This font is awesome. Can I use it for commercial use on Tik Tok?
typodermic  autor de Pricedown   24/02/2022
Thanks! Sure, no problem.
typodermic  autor de Pricedown   06/03/2023
Jaydenlikesfonts  01/06/2023
Gives me GTA vibes! My friend told me that the uppercase T can be changed into this "T" rather than showing it as "t". Thank you!
typodermic  autor de Pricedown   02/06/2023
Your friend was speaking the truth! The trick is to use the Greek Tau symbol. You should be able to copy/paste this: Τ <- looks like a T but it's a Tau.
lukas797979  23/08/2023
Hello, I find that pricedown font is free to use commercially, can I use it freely in my documentary movie which will be distributed in EU and US, possibly in other territories? Thank you.
typodermic  autor de Pricedown   24/08/2023
Hello Lukas,

Thank you for reaching out to Typodermic Fonts regarding the use of the Pricedown font.

Yes, you're correct. The Pricedown font comes with a complimentary desktop license that permits free commercial use, which includes usage in print, graphics, logos, videos, and other applications. You are welcome to use it in your documentary movie for distribution in the EU, US, and any other territories.

However, please note that this license does not allow for font embedding in apps or websites. If you have any additional requirements or concerns related to licensing or usage, feel free to get back to us.

Best wishes for your documentary project!

Best Regards,
Raymond Larabie,
Typodermic Fonts Inc.

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