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07/04/2016 à 09:41  [réponse]  help with this font

07/04/2016 à 09:31  [réponse]  Font of "INSTRUMENTAL"??

Police identifiée : PaperCute

07/04/2016 à 09:29  [réponse]  Looking for this font.

Police identifiée : Crillee

06/04/2016 à 11:58  [réponse]  Hi!! What is this font?

You're welcome

06/04/2016 à 11:38  [réponse]  Hi!! What is this font?

Seems like a custom font made for them

Police identifiée : ING Me Web

06/04/2016 à 10:03  [réponse]  help with this font

Police identifiée : Air Millhouse

06/04/2016 à 09:46  [réponse]  this font

Police identifiée : Freedom Fighter

De nada!

Police identifiée : 215000Euro

05/04/2016 à 17:06  [réponse]  What font is this


Police identifiée : Dock 51

05/04/2016 à 16:58  [réponse]  Good Morning. Fonts?

Bottom font

Police identifiée : Alba

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05/04/2016 à 16:45  [réponse]  NIKE website fonts

It's probably just a modified Trade Gothic, just like "their" version of Futura that's being sold on MyFonts.

05/04/2016 à 12:32  [réponse]  Hi! What font is this? Thanks!

Police identifiée : Bad Boys

05/04/2016 à 11:15  [réponse]  Iberia communication font

It is indeed a custom font:

They are using this font on their website, since you're looking for something similar:

05/04/2016 à 09:32  [réponse]  Character bio card

05/04/2016 à 09:30  [réponse]  NIKE website fonts

pilaster a dit  

Trade Gothic Bold Condensed

On their website, it seems to be called "One Nike Currency", maybe a custom font?

02/04/2016 à 16:56  [réponse]  Which font is it ?

Police identifiée : Gotham Rounded

02/04/2016 à 12:08  [réponse]  Character bio card

You're welcome It's hard to be 100% sure because the sample is not very clear. The numbers at the bottom don't really match though. But anyway, it is very very close.

02/04/2016 à 11:25  [réponse]  whats this font?

Police identifiée : Milasian Circa

02/04/2016 à 10:33  [réponse]  whats the name of this font?

Police identifiée : Century Gothic

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