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29/04/2016 à 09:19  [réponse]  Font Vinyl

Il te faut un logiciel qui utilise les fonctions OpenType, comme Illustrator par exemple :

29/04/2016 à 09:14  [réponse]  Centerten Logo

Hard to be absolutely sure at that size, but you should try this one.

Police suggérée : Star Jedi

28/04/2016 à 13:04  [réponse]  Looking for this font :p Help

Police identifiée : Thirsty Script

28/04/2016 à 12:59  [réponse]  please recherche police du titre

C'est un "m" minuscule qui a été un peu étiré.

28/04/2016 à 11:33  [réponse]  Need help finding name of this font

Police identifiée : MCF Zelfis

27/04/2016 à 17:35  [réponse]  font of the numbers only

It happened to everybody at least once

27/04/2016 à 17:30  [réponse]  font of the numbers only

27/04/2016 à 17:29  [réponse]  Fonte?

Police identifiée : Jabjai

Another similar font

Police suggérée : Swistblnk Monthoers

26/04/2016 à 11:28  [réponse]  HELP ME WITH THIS FONT PLEASE :)


Police identifiée : Hipstelvetica

23/04/2016 à 09:58  [réponse]  ajuda nessa font

Police identifiée : Ringbearer

23/04/2016 à 09:20  [réponse]  Can anyone help identifying this font?

Police identifiée : Defused

21/04/2016 à 13:38  [réponse]  License Fonts

I understand what you mean, but if you asked for a "license", and the author gave you the link, it means he answered your question. You need to explain what you want more accurately in order to get it.

21/04/2016 à 11:23  [réponse]  License Fonts

The license is generally a text about what you can and can't do with the font. You might be talking more about some sort of receipt/invoice? If you need something specific, you should ask the author. Things that go without saying are always best being said

21/04/2016 à 11:15  [réponse]  License Fonts

You're welcome. What's wrong with SIL Open Font License?

20/04/2016 à 17:25  [réponse]  What font is this???

Police identifiée : Linkin Park

20/04/2016 à 16:21  [réponse]  License Fonts

If it is not included in the zip file, you should ask the author.

20/04/2016 à 15:16  [réponse]  Help me with this font please!

It is, it's just using alternate characters.

You're welcome

19/04/2016 à 15:55  [réponse]  Hi! What font are these? Thanks!

@astonem22, you can use Google Images to do a reverse image search and find similar pics to the one you have

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