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01/06/2016 a las 17:12  [respuesta]  Help find the Jay Gotti Font

Fuente identificada: Long Shot

01/06/2016 a las 11:16  [respuesta]  eva disco

It's a commercial font, so if you need to use it, you'll have to buy it.

01/06/2016 a las 09:11  [respuesta]  Please font

This is an enlarged/fuzzy image, please find the original image (no manipulation) and post it here:

31/05/2016 a las 12:04  [respuesta]  HELPPPPPPPPPPP


Fuente identificada: Quartzo

31/05/2016 a las 09:53  [respuesta]  Que fonte é essa?

28/05/2016 a las 15:25  [respuesta]  Que fonte é essa?

Fuente identificada: Fabianestem

28/05/2016 a las 15:18  [respuesta]  Peignot font free use?

I think you can do both, or simply choose the easiest solution for you.

28/05/2016 a las 15:06  [respuesta]  Peignot font free use?

The site you're referring to offers illegal downloads of commercial fonts. You are not covered for any kind of use with an illegal download.

28/05/2016 a las 09:29  [respuesta]  Thanks Guys

Fuente identificada: Aisha Script

26/05/2016 a las 10:32  [respuesta]  Getting a font renamed?

Hi, you can't change the name of a font by yourself for technical reasons, it has to be done by the webmaster. Just keep in mind it will take more time to process, and might also create confusion for the users who already downloaded the previous font.

It's a commercial font, so if you need to use it, you have to buy it.

24/05/2016 a las 17:57  [respuesta]  Help

24/05/2016 a las 15:36  [respuesta]  HELP!!!

Fuente identificada: Porky's

C'est une police commerciale, si tu dois l'utiliser, tu devras l'acheter.

21/05/2016 a las 15:50  [respuesta]  What font is this?

Fuente sugerida: Paris Metro

21/05/2016 a las 15:31  [respuesta]  Suppressed Duck Title Font

Because when you give an answer, you should always fill the Font Name and URL fields (at least once). Otherwise, it won't be counted as an answer in the forum stats, and people won't be able to see it where it's supposed to be (right under OP's image).

21/05/2016 a las 15:19  [respuesta]  MON PAIN D'ABORD

Fuente identificada: Nasalization

21/05/2016 a las 10:49  [respuesta]  Please help with Fonts

Just like a bottle of Jack Daniel's, commercial fonts cost money

21/05/2016 a las 10:44  [respuesta]  help with this font please!

Picture updated

21/05/2016 a las 10:33  [respuesta]  PLEASE HELPPPP

Estabros is talking to himself again

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