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07/11/2015 à 10:57  [réponse]  QUE TIPO DE LETRA ES??

Police identifiée : Luckiest Guy

07/11/2015 à 09:39  [réponse]  HELP ID FONT

Police identifiée : Futura

06/11/2015 à 09:12  [réponse]  NOT SUBMITTED FONTS

You don't need to open 3 different topics where the answer is always the same: be patient.

05/11/2015 à 17:14  [réponse]  NOT SUBMITTED FONTS

Oh no, don't worry, like I said, people make mistakes, life goes on, no problem

05/11/2015 à 14:52  [réponse]  Custom Preview does not work for me

05/11/2015 à 13:21  [réponse]  Custom Preview does not work for me

There is a problem on the server, people are working on it.

05/11/2015 à 11:42  [réponse]  NOT SUBMITTED FONTS

It's okay, people make mistakes, don't worry. I'm glad to hear that your fonts are now original designs. They will be reviewed in the future, don't worry. And yes, I do work here.

05/11/2015 à 11:17  [réponse]  marion

05/11/2015 à 09:19  [réponse]  NOT SUBMITTED FONTS

You submitted a font named "Cookie" (it has been removed later) which was a copy of this font:

You also submitted a font named "Happy Fonts" which was a copy of this font:

You're welcome! I didn't really help though, you had the answer since the beginning

04/11/2015 à 15:16  [réponse]  marion

Police identifiée : Coquette

04/11/2015 à 14:36  [réponse]  NOT SUBMITTED FONTS

Update means updates of existing fonts. These are not done at the same time. The new fonts are being uploaded separately. Please be patient.

There is also another problem, it's the fact that you submitted copies of existing fonts in the past. This is not a good thing to do because it forces us to triple check your new fonts to make sure they are not copies

04/11/2015 à 10:37  [réponse]  Font?

04/11/2015 à 09:48  [réponse]  what font is this?

You need to post your image here:

No link, no answer. Next step, your messages will be hidden.

Police identifiée : Baskerville

03/11/2015 à 14:53  [réponse]  What do you mean?

You know, you don't have to reply to your own answers with another account, you can use the first one if you suddenly find the answer

03/11/2015 à 12:31  [réponse]  Please help! :)

Police identifiée : Replica

03/11/2015 à 11:50  [réponse]  Font?

Police identifiée : Replica

31/10/2015 à 17:05  [réponse]  Font ?.

Police identifiée : Birth of a Hero

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