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03/06/2014 à 21:01  [réponse]  Is there a font that looks like this?

Lol, best bump ever

Hi Steve,

For the Cyrillic alphabet, you can take a look at some of my fonts (Old School United or Peach Milk for example). These two have a lot of Cyrillic characters, and cover several languages. Send me a private message if you want to talk more about all this.

Unfortunately, I'm also a beginner when it comes to Greek characters, so I won't be able to help on this one.

02/06/2014 à 15:46  [réponse]  Font!

02/06/2014 à 14:22  [réponse]  Font!

Police identifiée : American Captain

02/06/2014 à 10:45  [réponse]  what font is this? please

Police identifiée : American Captain

02/06/2014 à 10:40  [réponse]  Lorem ipsum (funda Iphone)

¡Es un foro internacional!

01/06/2014 à 11:12  [réponse]  What font is this

Maybe you could share the answer with us

01/06/2014 à 10:05  [réponse]  evolve?

For "EVOLVE", uppercase + manually extended?

Police suggérée : Amatic

01/06/2014 à 09:39  [réponse]  font help please

Police identifiée : FoughtKnight

31/05/2014 à 13:20  [réponse]  Looking to identify font


Police identifiée : Pacifico

31/05/2014 à 13:17  [réponse]  identification font

Police identifiée : FFF Tusj

31/05/2014 à 09:47  [réponse]  New Rotary Logo's Font

Looks more like a custom work to me

30/05/2014 à 15:06  [réponse]  Font?? :)))

Similar feeling.

Police suggérée : Libero

30/05/2014 à 14:53  [réponse]  BELIEVE? THANK YOU :*

Police identifiée : Cyclone Shaded

30/05/2014 à 09:35  [réponse]  Help for script font!

Keep in mind that it's a tattoo. The girl might have chosen Signerica (or another font) but the guy who made her tattoo had to redraw it so you will always spot tiny differences.

29/05/2014 à 13:43  [réponse]  New Yahoo Logo Font?

29/05/2014 à 13:37  [réponse]  What's that font ?

Probably based on this one.

Police suggérée : Devil Breeze

29/05/2014 à 13:16  [réponse]  Help for script font!


Police suggérée : Signerica

29/05/2014 à 12:37  [réponse]  Font?

Police identifiée : Carnevalee Freakshow

28/05/2014 à 14:38  [réponse]  Font, please?

Police identifiée : Grand Hotel

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