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03/02/2015 à 14:27  [réponse]  "GLO" font?

03/02/2015 à 14:17  [réponse]  Help with Font

Police identifiée : Chunk Five Ex

Police identifiée : Museo

26/01/2015 à 10:38  [réponse]  Quem sabe o nome dessa fonte?

Link to that video please?

12/01/2015 à 16:32  [réponse]  need this 2 fonts


Police identifiée : Face Your Fears

12/01/2015 à 12:35  [réponse]  Theme Musical/ Tema Musical

Nope, you don't need a 10 MB file, there are dozens of well made fonts here on Dafont that give the illusion of grey with a very reasonable file size.

12/01/2015 à 11:31  [réponse]  Theme Musical/ Tema Musical

The illusion of grey can easily be made.

12/01/2015 à 11:14  [réponse]  What font is this please?

Police identifiée : Bergamot

12/01/2015 à 11:08  [réponse]  Theme Musical/ Tema Musical

12/01/2015 à 09:49  [réponse]  What font is this? Please Help

As seen in the .css file on the website where this can be found.

Police identifiée : Open Sans

12/01/2015 à 09:43  [réponse]  I need some help please :)

Helvetica est une police commerciale, donc il faut l'acheter pour l'utiliser. Sinon tu peux utiliser Arial, qui y ressemble un peu.

11/01/2015 à 11:26  [réponse]  Seth Rollins Font. What is The Font?

Police identifiée : Chicago

11/01/2015 à 09:39  [réponse]  Name of this font?

The link you posted was giving away a copy of a commercial font for free, which is why it was removed. Links that this will always be removed.

10/01/2015 à 12:55  [réponse]  Font Type

Police identifiée : Bleeding Cowboys

10/01/2015 à 12:54  [réponse]  Help me . I want to find this font

You're welcome

10/01/2015 à 11:06  [réponse]  URGENT! THIS FONT??

No, it's a commercial font.

09/01/2015 à 13:29  [réponse]  Looking for the font on attached pic

09/01/2015 à 13:25  [réponse]  Looking for the font on attached pic

Police identifiée : Bleeding Cowboys

Police identifiée : Claire Hand

07/01/2015 à 16:08  [réponse]  Open 4 Font

Link updated, the "i" seems to be a stylistic alternate

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