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awe  14/04/2020
becky.an03@  14/04/2020
Love this! Is there a way to add the lines of either side of the word? I have never used a font like this. Thanks!
Mrscogs  22/08/2021
I'm trying to use this font to make a wedding sign for my daughter, however, I can't figure out how to get the extra flourish on the beginning letter and ending letters. Can you tell me what I need to do?  17/04/2022
Did anyone figure out how to add the extra flourish? I feel like I have tried everything
maerbear99  01/09/2022
Any info on how to get the flourish at the ends? I would love to use this. :)
artbymariav  15/09/2022
If you need the swashes, open Word and type something in the adelia font, then go to "insert", then "symbols", and then "more symbols". The swashes were all the way at the bottom for me. You should be able to copy and paste into other programs or save it on a word doc and use the "Place" or "Import" function. Hope that helped :)
Juli Barale  26/09/2022
In coreldraw to get the extra flourish on the beginning letter and ending letters insert in the right window "glyphs" select the font and there the letters of the beginning and end will appear with the flourish already placed. Sorry for my english. I hope it helped you!
lhevers  12/12/2022
If you locate Character Map on your computer i add it in that way
tisa-quinop  06/04/2023
Hey for those who are asking for the flourish , i have a similar font like this, i was just testing out my parentheses and then when i added it it made the flourish… when you put your text make sure to add it like this for ex. (Hi) or [hi] and an extra flourish will appear. Hope this helps!
Ineto  27/11/2023

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