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Qwerks  Aug 02, 2015
Well done, what a lovely offering here for free. I am sure this will become a very useful font for many people. Thank you very much.
Michael Melz  Aug 05, 2015
One of the dopest new fonts on the site. Fuckin A!!
tulip80  Aug 06, 2015
Nice font, but how to make a ribbon at the beginning and at the end of text?
pilaster  author of York Whiteletter   Aug 06, 2015
tulip80: Use the Glyphs Palette or Character Map to add end pieces and ornaments (see your apps/OS documentation on how to insert ‘special characters’)
TLCSlAssassinl  Aug 07, 2015
Very nice font! Are we allowed to use it for like YouTube thumbnails and videos? I did donate not alot tho....because it is probably considerd as ''commersial use'' Keep up the great work!
pilaster  author of York Whiteletter   Aug 09, 2015
TLCSlAssassinl: York Whiteletter is free for personal use, but if you should have the good fortune to be able to use it to make some money (commercial use) then I would think it only good manners that you share some of that good fortune. How much is up to you. Enjoy.
TLCSlAssassinl  Aug 09, 2015
Well I'm definitely not swimming in YT money ;) but thanks for allowing it for YT usage. If the channel grows bigger and we still use your font I'll donate more. In the mean time I think this will buy you atleast some beers ;D
Lucasdon  Aug 12, 2015
Awesome font! Is there a version with just the font? Without the banner and ribbons?

Congrats again on your great work!
Lucasdon  Aug 12, 2015
Your font has been used here:

But without the banner/ribbon so I was wondering if such version exists but I couldn't find it
pilaster  author of York Whiteletter   Aug 12, 2015
Lucasdon: I may yet do a plain non banner version, with language support & €. Will have to see how it goes. Thanks for the link to York 'in the wild'.
jackdanny  Aug 13, 2015
Hi... loved your font and i'm making a logo for a "Cafe racer" builder... would it be ok if i used your font in the logo?!!... I can show you the final result (this is a work for a friend)
Best regards,
pilaster  author of York Whiteletter   Aug 13, 2015
jackdanny: No problem, York Whiteletter is free for personal use. If you are being paid to make the logo, it's commercial use, and donating a small share of the profit would be good manners. I'd like to see what you do with it. Link here, or via the PM system, much appreciated.
jackdanny  Aug 13, 2015
Ok... first of all thx... i really loved your font and i think it will look great!!... This logo is for a friend's café racer Garage, i don't expect to get any money from it but if he, by any reason, be kind enough to pay or donate some money, i'll be very very glad to share it with you!!...
I'll also show you the final result in the end...
Best regards,
Averyhurley  Aug 22, 2015
alextby  Aug 23, 2015
Ribbons give t this font very cool look.
amora9  Sep 02, 2015
Amazing work, I love it! I don't have much but I'll send a few your way when I get home later.
Art Of Dream  Sep 03, 2015
Hey pilaster !
I love your fonts and i'm making a new logo for a youtube channel, I just want to know if we can agree for some public use, sure i'm not paid for making this and i can donate for your work.
Best regards,

ceekhei15  Sep 19, 2015
hi. i want to use your font for commercial use. how can i pay for it?. very nice font you have..
pilaster  author of York Whiteletter   Sep 19, 2015
ceekhei15: Making a donation using the donate button on the font page grants you licence to use York for commercial projects. How much is up to you. Glad you like it enough to want to use it. Pil.
Ander  Oct 17, 2015
Thanks very much for this swell, authentic and attention-getting font. You're a real talent!
Sugarcatz  Nov 18, 2015
York Whiteletter just made my day. Love at first sight. Sneeking a peek at Archaic, too. What ever you do, continue, good sir! This font makes me wanna scream out. Happy to donate but I'm sure it's less than the true value of your efforts. Thanks bunches, Pil!
jmbowman  Mar 13, 2016
Very nice font. Exactly what I wanted. I gave you a donation under jmb*******8@gmail.com. Thanks!
benjaminkvalnes  Mar 29, 2016
where is the opposite of Ñ?
pilaster  author of York Whiteletter   Mar 29, 2016
benjaminkvalnes Ò
There is a glyph map showing the unicode in the zip file.
micfin  Aug 24, 2016
What a fun font! I used the character map to perfect the look I wanted. You gave us so many choices. Thanks so much for sharing it.
Partikel  Apr 19, 2017
Dropped you a donation for this lovely font. I'm going to use it in my intro for some tutorials. Awesome stuff
pilaster  author of York Whiteletter   Apr 19, 2017
Partikel: Thanks very much…
Katiewithers45  Mar 15, 2018
We want to use this font in a logo we are making for our snow machine club, are we able to do that?
pilaster  author of York Whiteletter   Mar 15, 2018
Katiewithers45: Make a donation (how much is up to you) for commercial use. A donation, of any size, grants licence for commercial use of York Whiteletter
Simple as that…

dannyrider  Mar 24, 2018
Great font. Impossible for me to type A (0193) the end of banner. One week trying. Am I so stoop### A tip? Thanks. Danny
Spark Wonder  Mar 24, 2018
Can you tell me what glyph I use to get the hand shown on your promo.
dannyrider  Mar 25, 2018
BTW, Am using a MAC keyboard.
pilaster  author of York Whiteletter   Mar 25, 2018
dannyrider/Spark Wonder. The answer to both comments is you need to use whatever your OS uses for inserting 'special characters'. Character Map or Character Viewer. With York Whitletter selected, you should be able to see/insert whichever glyph you want. Alt, use glyphs palette in Adobe apps.
Dezlee2001  Mar 05, 2019
I plan on using this font as my band’s logo. If we get anywhere with our music, I’ll be sure to come back a donate!

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