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vinay prasad  Feb 18, 2008
colombopablo  author of Tiza   Feb 24, 2008
ouch! the accents are all screwed up I've gotta fix that and resend it. Also some issues with performance as it has too many points...so use with caution ;)
tiagoadias  Mar 01, 2008
goood but i think it can't be in 1st place
Viridis  Mar 04, 2008
I agree with tiagoadias...I like it a lot and I'm not saying I could do anything better, but why does it get the top spot?
3tailer  Mar 06, 2008
Very Cool.
krakerdesigncom  Mar 08, 2008

thanks good fonts.. ;)
Ignacio Ochoa  Mar 10, 2008
Very Nice font.
6666  Apr 02, 2008
it is such a cool font and i think it looks like it is gettting rubbed out it is SICK i love it so bad.........
i hope you can make even more really good ones like that i cant wait to see it and i am sure i wil totally LOVE it alot i promise!!!:):):):):):):):):):)
good luck on ya next one i hope you make it!!
you rock!
6666  Apr 02, 2008
it is so cool i really like it
adgraphics101  Apr 11, 2008
Is this font free for commercial use?
contact me at adgraphics101@sbcglobal.net

kikiwiwi  Apr 18, 2008
to normal
Kate&SarahBesties4Life  Apr 21, 2008
I hate this font its so boring
mikre  Apr 23, 2008
Jeike  Apr 26, 2008
Nice font!
pajo111  Apr 26, 2008
Lisa_Zoe  May 08, 2008
I like it... It show that someone has got imagination!
CustomBusinessCards  May 10, 2008
This is perfect for creative business card designs.
Richard Sadílek  May 13, 2008
It is Iberian nature...Mm, very nice font. Very, very interesting...
ShikamaruSp  May 21, 2008
Esta fuente la usan en el anuncio de Movistar (el de los mensajes que hablan)

Una captura:

Está cool!
colombopablo  author of Tiza   May 22, 2008
jaja! que bien! si los vi en youtube....estan super-comicos, gracias Shikamaru :)
seejane  May 27, 2008
I like the font.. but it hangs-up Illustrator CS3 on my mac when I try to resize it.
Danaa__  Oct 15, 2008
Very nice! I like it!! =D
Danaa__  Oct 15, 2008
How you make self fonts? Please send me a mail. I'm new.
chungdehtien  Dec 23, 2009
fabulous Pablo! check out this page with your typeface


even tho the logo was rejected. I still love your logo!
muye bien Pablo! my Spanish is no very good...
madamov  Aug 25, 2011
great font please tell me if I can use this for commercial purposes i really like it :)
my mail is milanaadamov@yahoo.co.uk
mynielsen  Jan 03, 2012
Font is GREAT! But why doesnt the C,E,G,H, M & W print when I try to enlarge them to a 125 pt size or larger?
gjh209  Feb 12, 2012
Awesome font!! Can this font be used commercially? Please e-mail gjh209@nyu.edu
icreatemonsters  Jun 26, 2014
Hi was wondering if i could use this font on a menu? If you still check here it would be wonderful if you could email me the license agreement if there is one. thanks.
email is - paramourxpop@myway.com
almcgough@me.com  Oct 02, 2014
What is your license policy for use in a commercial logo?
arreteel  Apr 30, 2015
What is your license policy for use of your font for a school tshirt? Please email arreteel@yahoo.com
Veroniika1  Feb 23, 2017
Is this font free for commercial use?
contact me at veroniika_delisa@hotmail.com

Thank you
Elskin  Sep 05, 2017
Hey, I love this font. What is your commercial licencing policy?
Please email me, dprestons@gmail.com
Ghost777  Feb 21, 2018
nice font can i use for commercial reason,jester3434@gmail.com
PascalP  Nov 05, 2022
Hello, nice work, can I use your font for commercial use ?. Thanks for your feedback.
igomranasaka  Jan 11, 2023
Hi I would like to know if I can use the font with commercial use ?
Can Contack Me For Free Use Commercial

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