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BeefPatty  Mar 29, 2007
Graff Times. I like it.
gotxalanna  Mar 31, 2007
i like it too
3tailer  Apr 16, 2007
lisa305  Apr 17, 2007
can i have this kind with the word lisa on it
ebaybee  Apr 25, 2007
give me an apostrophe and it'll be the best font ever
wizzah  Oct 10, 2007
luff it...x)
fishodeath  Mar 17, 2008
awesome font!
davidjsushil  Jun 28, 2008
Great looking font, however it may be corrupted. I'm running Windows XP on a fairly quick system, but when displaying Times New Yorker, my machine grinds to a halt.
Barry Bujol  Aug 04, 2008
Love this!!
music4everr  Jan 01, 2009
This font is perfectly creepy and it's absolutely amazing! I love the fading and perfect un-perfectness about it! I downloaded it the first chance i got!
LostSecrets  Jan 23, 2009
Love this font!
lucianamorin  Apr 23, 2009
Absolutely amazing! Great job with graphite.
qjqqyy  Jul 30, 2009
this lags
rogerball121  Sep 02, 2010
Great font! But lose the foul mouth. It is not impressive.
Watson397  Sep 28, 2011
Real Nice!
cr33  Jan 18, 2012
Yeah - if I use this one in AI CS3 it sometimes crashes on save. I just outline the font whenever I use it :(
omar albasrawi  Apr 26, 2012
Robert 334  Mar 11, 2014
I like this font, can I use it for Projects that I'm selling? (Commercial Projects) :)
please contact me robert.pa33@gmx.at

Thank you
mtsky112  Mar 09, 2015
Can I use your font for commercial use?

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