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Maniacbob  Jun 17, 2010
This is great. I really would love to use this on my website unfortunately it doesn't have a period or a comma which means its pretty well useless to me. But it is a great looking font and a superb recreation of the font and the rest of the alphabet.
AHiLdesigns  Jun 21, 2010
Very nice reproduction.

Would like to see more time invested in it. There are very few sets of this variety available. As an artist, I think it should always be one's standard to offer the best of anything one has... that said, you can really narrow out any future competition simply by completing this set. ;)

Just some encouraging words. Great job!
thejamjar96  author of Matt Smith Doctor Who   Jun 27, 2010
hey thanks for the comments i will spend some more time to complete this and will tell you the name of it when finished
Da Font Maker  Jun 20, 2011
It could do with some punctuation but overall this is my fave font ((:
snuffysam  Nov 17, 2012
It could do with some NUMBERS!
But this is still the best DW font out there :)
BeastialMoon  May 16, 2013
Fantastic font. Definitely using this for my custom DW calender.

Are you... are you THE Jamjar? From DWA?
AFellowCanuck  Feb 06, 2015
Definitely really like this font.
Though I would love to see numbers, quotation marks etc.

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