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Maniacbob  17/06/2010
This is great. I really would love to use this on my website unfortunately it doesn't have a period or a comma which means its pretty well useless to me. But it is a great looking font and a superb recreation of the font and the rest of the alphabet.
AHiLdesigns  21/06/2010
Very nice reproduction.

Would like to see more time invested in it. There are very few sets of this variety available. As an artist, I think it should always be one's standard to offer the best of anything one has... that said, you can really narrow out any future competition simply by completing this set. ;)

Just some encouraging words. Great job!
thejamjar96  autor de Matt Smith Doctor Who   27/06/2010
hey thanks for the comments i will spend some more time to complete this and will tell you the name of it when finished
Da Font Maker  20/06/2011
It could do with some punctuation but overall this is my fave font ((:
snuffysam  17/11/2012
It could do with some NUMBERS!
But this is still the best DW font out there :)
BeastialMoon  16/05/2013
Fantastic font. Definitely using this for my custom DW calender.

Are you... are you THE Jamjar? From DWA?
AFellowCanuck  06/02/2015
Definitely really like this font.
Though I would love to see numbers, quotation marks etc.

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