Kreepshow Frigid

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weiller  Dec 07, 2006
Top de mais ess letra
djuke  Aug 13, 2010
Hey, I was just wondering about the licensing on this font as there was none included in the *.zip or on the page.
I would love to use this font in a commercial sense,
but i would ofcourse need your permission.
please contact me on and we can discuss this further.
thanks for a great font!
jellyfishsandwich  Feb 25, 2013
Hey, I'd like your permission to use this font in a commercial sense. Obviously I want your permission first and I'll also donate. If you don't mind me using it would you like me to donate a sum upfront or donate a percentage of the profits?
makilo  May 16, 2016
hello I was wondering if I could get in touch with you somehow about using this font on a t-shirt. my email is
grimhaus  Mar 16, 2018

I admire your font, and would like to know more information in regards to licensing. Please contact me:

I'd love to use it for commercial use.
LegionM  Jun 03, 2020

I would like information on licensing this font for commercial use. Please contact me

Thank You!

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