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14 comments  Dec 30, 2019
How do you close the ribbon without a ! or ?
Capital letters have the start of the ribbon and lowercase has the middle, but I cant Capitalize in the Middle of a Ribbon and I can't close the Ribbon.
Khayreddine Halimi  May 17, 2020
can i use the fonts for comercial?
inopatype  author of Kaldevaderibbon   Jun 16, 2020
@Khayreddine Halimi Yes you can use for your project
JP villalobos  Jul 09, 2020
I would like to know how to close the tape, I cannot do it
JP villalobos  Jul 09, 2020
It is a very good font style, but the bad thing is knowing how to close the tape
jenny702  Sep 11, 2020
This font is not good, you cannot close the ribbon or put a Capital Letter in the middle of the ribbon without it starting a new ribbon.
Camilacuocake6  Oct 22, 2020
Can u give me accses so i can download the fonts?
clem0408  Oct 27, 2020
Hello Can I use for commercial ?
Inkedandmouthy  Oct 31, 2020
I closed the ribbon by using an exclamation point or question mark. Then in Procreate, added a mask and removed the !

It’s not ideal but the only way I could find
inopatype  author of Kaldevaderibbon   Nov 03, 2020
Hi, the character alternate of the font can only be accessed using design software such as adobe photoshop or illustrator, you can see the tutorial at this link
Puzzlez5  Jul 26, 2021
Anyone figure out how to close the end of the ribbon?
Dashycat  Aug 28, 2021
You can do this easily in Microsoft Word, just look up the private use unicode for this font. You can even have capitals in the middle of a sentence!
Betty&Finy  Sep 14, 2021
@Dashycat... Ich bin leider nur eine Anwenderin und weiß leider nicht, wie man das machen muss. Können Sie mir bitte einen Tipp geben, was ich in Word tun muss um das Band zu schließen?
carmen oymann  Dec 19, 2021
Hallo. Ich habe die Schrift runtergeladen und finde nicht wie man am ende des Wortes schließt ohne ein ! oder ein ? zu machen. Es wäre nett wenn Sie mir darüber Auskunft geben könnten. Danke. LG

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