Fuck you Las Vegas

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tiddals  Sep 23, 2006
I love the font but Hate the name

,Keep the fonts commin
annaOMline  Sep 25, 2006
I agree with tiddals, really cool grunge font but the name ... maybe Love you Las vegas? :-)
MakeBelieve  Sep 30, 2006
Omg, when I saw this font name, I had to register and comment on this. I LOVE the name. I live in Las Vegas, and yes, I HATE IT TOO. :)Basically half the people here hate vegas. :) HAHA. I'm downloading this.
creoloko  Nov 15, 2006
OMG!!! this is one of my favorites!! luv it!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cyanide  Dec 01, 2006
good font
bjs2421  Mar 17, 2007
i love the font, its so beautiful, you do such a great job on your fonts! However, the name has a lot to be desired of, lol. Its kinda negative, when it should be something positive instead. lol.
holly neale  May 30, 2007
haha i love the name :) the font is gorgeous
loser  Aug 29, 2007
PawBadReligion  Dec 07, 2007
Haha, I registered just to comment on this one.
I love the name!
And the font of course ;)
Area52  Apr 15, 2008
Would download except for the name.
pennypenny  May 02, 2008
GORGEOUS font, too funny that people don't like the "rude word" in the name.
mindfreakangel88  Oct 28, 2008
hey great font terrible name been to vegas it aint that bad, (probably cuz criss angel lives there part time) keep up the good work
Aimski  Nov 06, 2008
The fonts cool and i think the names controversial which is good cuz i am 2!! meh, y nt mix things up a bit?! At least no one else will use the same name!! lol
princess_abobo  Nov 10, 2008
great fount just i think the name should be different.
dbrown9141  Apr 26, 2009
Don't listen to those bitches, It's the perfect font for someone who lost all there money in Las Vegas haha
BrittanyG  Feb 03, 2012
I just donated $10,90 my paypal is ellis in otakuland :)
Thanks so much, I love it! Gonna use it on my business logo :DDD

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