Fuck you Las Vegas

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tiddals  23/09/2006
I love the font but Hate the name

,Keep the fonts commin
annaOMline  25/09/2006
I agree with tiddals, really cool grunge font but the name ... maybe Love you Las vegas? :-)
MakeBelieve  30/09/2006
Omg, when I saw this font name, I had to register and comment on this. I LOVE the name. I live in Las Vegas, and yes, I HATE IT TOO. :)Basically half the people here hate vegas. :) HAHA. I'm downloading this.
creoloko  15/11/2006
OMG!!! this is one of my favorites!! luv it!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cyanide  01/12/2006
good font
bjs2421  17/03/2007
i love the font, its so beautiful, you do such a great job on your fonts! However, the name has a lot to be desired of, lol. Its kinda negative, when it should be something positive instead. lol.
holly neale  30/05/2007
haha i love the name :) the font is gorgeous
loser  29/08/2007
PawBadReligion  07/12/2007
Haha, I registered just to comment on this one.
I love the name!
And the font of course ;)
Area52  15/04/2008
Would download except for the name.
pennypenny  02/05/2008
GORGEOUS font, too funny that people don't like the "rude word" in the name.
mindfreakangel88  28/10/2008
hey great font terrible name been to vegas it aint that bad, (probably cuz criss angel lives there part time) keep up the good work
Aimski  06/11/2008
The fonts cool and i think the names controversial which is good cuz i am 2!! meh, y nt mix things up a bit?! At least no one else will use the same name!! lol
princess_abobo  10/11/2008
great fount just i think the name should be different.
dbrown9141  26/04/2009
Don't listen to those bitches, It's the perfect font for someone who lost all there money in Las Vegas haha
BrittanyG  03/02/2012
I just donated $10,90 my paypal is ellis in otakuland :)
Thanks so much, I love it! Gonna use it on my business logo :DDD

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