Dimbo à  by Jayvee Enaguas
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MXROSS  Jun 17, 2016
I would like to use this font for a logo. It would go on my social medias et Twitch account. Since it's mark as 100% free I guess you would be ok with that. If anything's bothering you, you can contact me at ross.maxime@hotmail.com
I think your work is absolutely great !
mramirez  Aug 02, 2016
Hello, i would like to use your font for titles and a logo, It says itīs free but if you have any objection please contact me at marianaramirez71@gmail.com. Thanks!
anera  Jun 06, 2017
Can this used for commercial use? Please email me : aneraogol@gmail.com Thanks very much!
Nicola_G20  Aug 02, 2017
Hi! My client wants to use this font for commercial use, I see it is marked as 100% free and I have already messaged you on this but haven't gotten a reply yet. Could you email me at nicolagallagher17@gmail.com if you have an issue with this, thanks!
rw  Sep 20, 2017
Nice font, I would like to use this font in my game, It say's free but if you have any objection please contact me at rwarhokar@gmail.com

Sharonsaad  Oct 16, 2017
I would like to purchase this font for commercial use. Please email me at sharonsaad@gmail.com for how to go about that.

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