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Cloud_9  Jan 02, 2017
Love this font! One of my favorite fonts to use!
AlxMorales  Feb 15, 2017
jovanamb  Jun 05, 2017
If i want to use this font for my youtube thumbnail, do i have to pay or is it free?
ellouder2OMG  Sep 18, 2017
A copy of Bebas
zainabxoxx  Mar 23, 2018
Jovanamb, no you dont have to pay for it its completely free. Lol i did it but i deleted my yt channel :)
cutiebelle4055  Oct 25, 2018
it is say invalid can not dowload this font? someone help!
Avocado123  Apr 26, 2019
Can i use this font for commercial use? Its for my insta sccount.

Thank you
itsariannabrown  May 23, 2019
i love this font!! but when i use it, it cuts the top part of the letters off:((
Chelay  Apr 25, 2020
Why my file can't open?
Moonxcupcakes  Jul 16, 2020
Will I get a copyright strike if I use this font in a YouTube video? Thanks for the amazing font btw!
watermelioz  Aug 02, 2020
it won’t let me download it why not?
janesvfx  Apr 14, 2022
is this from the show the blacklist?

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