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Cloud_9  02.01.2017
Love this font! One of my favorite fonts to use!
AlxMorales  15.02.2017
jovanamb  05.06.2017
If i want to use this font for my youtube thumbnail, do i have to pay or is it free?
ellouder2OMG  18.09.2017
A copy of Bebas
zainabxoxx  23.03.2018
Jovanamb, no you dont have to pay for it its completely free. Lol i did it but i deleted my yt channel :)
cutiebelle4055  25.10.2018
it is say invalid can not dowload this font? someone help!
Avocado123  26.04.2019
Can i use this font for commercial use? Its for my insta sccount.

Thank you
itsariannabrown  23.05.2019
i love this font!! but when i use it, it cuts the top part of the letters off:((
Chelay  25.04.2020
Why my file can't open?
Moonxcupcakes  16.07.2020
Will I get a copyright strike if I use this font in a YouTube video? Thanks for the amazing font btw!
watermelioz  02.08.2020
it won’t let me download it why not?

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