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chipie  12.08.2008
J'aime bien c'est sympa =)
shadow10bl  01.09.2008
SoFonty  03.09.2008
Elanessea  11.09.2008
Grymt coolt :D
soi.meli  06.10.2008
very good !!!!
manikk  26.11.2008
sikk font
lettre  14.05.2009
SuuSuuu ceii Tro StyLeiii !!! !!! !!

=) =) =)
dakotah12368  02.06.2009
i really like this font can i use it?
kanakana  04.09.2009
Gene23  12.11.2009
qiero esto para hacer un logo para una promocion escolar!
Vintanya  08.11.2012
Love it! Thanks :-)
Projeto Aula 10  07.03.2014
Very good job... How do I do to add it to my youtube channel?
AnthonyShaneUS  25.11.2014
Beautiful font! I love your other font Subway as well! Both are awesome graffiti fonts! I love em!
Fresh&Fly17  06.09.2015
thank you
Miitchi  11.11.2015
Whoa indeed this one made me gasp!
m.h.  14.01.2017

I'd like to ask you, if it will be possible to use your font for my new started YouTube channel as a channel banner. My videos on my Channel are monetized. So please let me know, if I can do it.

Thank you
E-Mail: amantes79@gmail.com
angbo  05.03.2017
Awesome!! Can I use this on a commercial t-shirt applications. Please advise?
Email: lindamoote@gmail.com
ImperialMo  03.12.2017
Hey! I like this font. I notice it says %100 free but does that includes commercial purposes for t-shirt? Please inform me at Email: mpetit@broward.edu
rianchochochiko  20.03.2018
awesome font..thank you so much
m.h.  23.03.2018

I also need to know, if I can use this on commercial t-shirt applications. I want to use ur font with my designs and creat clothes to sell. Please advise?

Great font. ;o))
aprice82  07.11.2018
Hi there.

Love this font. Please can you tell me rules for commercial use?

Email: wheresurhead@hotmail.com

Many thanks.
JDurocher82  08.01.2019
Hi! I wanted to use this font for a client's logo design. It says 100% free, and I would like to be able to use it. Will there be any issues with the font opening for the client's applications of my design or do I need to purchase the font to ensure its safety? Please let me know, and thank you for making such a great font!
Bossmode  03.04.2019
Hello, my name is Nicholas Anzalone. I came here to say thank you so much! This font is the best I have ever seen. When my friends ask me about my logo I tell them all about this. Johan Waldenstrom is the best font maker I have ever seen. I really hope you see this and I want you to know I really appreciate this font, it is amazing! Thank you!!!!

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