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16/11/2023 às 16:01  [resposta]  Whats the font?

I doubt it is a font, because of the two different As. I see someone has tried to let you know that this is NOT A FONT. However, if you would like a substitute, try Begrime (Not the font)

Fonte sugerida: Begrime

16/11/2023 às 15:49  [resposta]  SSS FONT NAME PLEASE

Probably not a font. If you'd like a substitute - try Baltimore and stroke it to give it weight.

Fonte sugerida: Baltimore

16/11/2023 às 15:47  [resposta]  Which this font, please?

The O was manually turned.

Fonte identificada: Didot

05/11/2023 às 20:18  [resposta]  Victoria´s secret movie title

Fonte identificada: Avant Garde

05/11/2023 às 20:16  [resposta]  Help on the script font please

Fonte identificada: Love Rose

30/10/2023 às 16:04  [resposta]  007 font

I use to work setting type for book publishers. One of the series I would always get was 007 one. They would supply the artwork for it. I forgot who the type designer was for it - sorry.

Google's effort:
J'utilise le type de réglage pour travailler pour les éditeurs de livres. L’une des séries que j’obtenais toujours était la 007. Ils fourniraient les œuvres d’art. J'ai oublié qui était le créateur de caractères - désolé.

30/10/2023 às 15:44  [resposta]  007 font

This was handlettered for the movies and books - it was never a font. Sorry.

30/10/2023 às 15:42  [resposta]  What's the Sienna Font Please

Fonte identificada: Great Vibes

30/10/2023 às 15:40  [resposta]  Oldschool "Aegyo" font

The EY are similar to Trender

Fonte sugerida: Trender

30/10/2023 às 15:39  [resposta]  Oldschool "Aegyo" font

It looks like two different fonts. The A, G, O are similar to College

Fonte identificada: College

30/10/2023 às 14:45  [resposta]  J'ai trouvé MERCI BEAUCOUP

Fonte identificada: MV Boli

Similar to Flange. (The E looks off)

Fonte sugerida: Flange

Hey Marty - you gave the font for the phone number.
I gave the font for the Spring Hill...

This is the original Albertus Bold or Extrabold or Black depending on which type manufacturer they used. It was not digitized. But, you are lucky - a new drawing has been made for the new family. -- Albertus Nova.

Fonte sugerida: Albertus Nova

26/10/2023 às 20:10  [resposta]  Indigo lace font?

This looks like a TAN font. I could only find the A

Fonte sugerida: Beaumont

26/10/2023 às 19:50  [resposta]  font? thanks

The font was changed. - this was not the one I recommended - this one does not match.

The one I saw, doesn't exactly match - but it is easy to modify with a snip.

Editado em 26/10/2023 às 19:54 por Heron2001

25/10/2023 às 20:42  [resposta]  font? thanks

Fonte sugerida: Crosseur

Editado em 26/10/2023 às 02:59 por frd

25/10/2023 às 12:32  [resposta]  Font Identification.

R modified, O decorated

Fonte identificada: The Rustic

Editado em 25/10/2023 às 12:33 por Heron2001

25/10/2023 às 12:31  [resposta]  Need font Please

This looks like someone mated glyphs from Flash Rogers and Mezz Web Pro Bold (no link sorry) and this was the result.

Fonte sugerida: Flash Rogers

24/10/2023 às 19:17  [resposta]  D

Fonte identificada: Balford Base

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