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09/08/2022 às 15:47  [resposta]  font!!

Looks like Neville Brody's FF Toyko One Solid that someone modified slightly and rounded it out.

Fonte sugerida: Tokyo

09/08/2022 às 15:28  [resposta]  Please help c:

Fonte identificada: Chinacat

26/07/2022 às 15:05  [resposta]  Looking for this font

It is similar to the Cheee family from Adobe
You can see all the examples here:

Fonte sugerida: Cheee

26/07/2022 às 14:54  [resposta]  The Voyeur font?

It looks like so many fonts. RealistiX, Gloriola, Verlag, Camphor, etc. I think I would use Google's Roboto Mono and extend it slightly. If you have a few more letters that have personality - we can get you a definite match.

Fonte sugerida: Roboto Mono

23/07/2022 às 14:03  [resposta]  help me please

Fonte identificada: Lumie

23/07/2022 às 13:57  [resposta]  Font?

Fonte identificada: Arista

23/07/2022 às 13:53  [resposta]  Help?

Fonte identificada: Waverly Medium

23/07/2022 às 13:45  [resposta]  what is the name of this font

Fonte identificada: Dumbnerd

Sorry I cannot find a legit link -- but the GR.. was set in Resident Evil.

Fonte identificada: Resident Evil

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23/07/2022 às 13:35  [resposta]  Help finding this font

Fonte sugerida: Shopping Script

23/07/2022 às 13:16  [resposta]  Please!

The designer self-eroded the letters, probably in Photoshop. The font used was Octavian.

Fonte sugerida: Octavian

23/07/2022 às 13:05  [resposta]  font name

Fonte identificada: Bingo

22/07/2022 às 17:54  [resposta]  Anyone know this font?

Fonte identificada: Festival

22/07/2022 às 17:49  [resposta]  What is this font?

Fonte identificada: The Gallery

22/07/2022 às 17:47  [resposta]  Help me, please!!

Fonte identificada: Beware

22/07/2022 às 17:45  [resposta]  whats the name of this font?


Fonte sugerida: High Speed

15/07/2022 às 13:28  [resposta]  Help please! Thanks so much :)

Fonte identificada: Apercu

12/07/2022 às 14:17  [resposta]  Thank you in advance

Fonte identificada: Playlist Script

12/07/2022 às 14:10  [resposta]  Font name

Fonte identificada: Agrandir Black

12/07/2022 às 13:58  [resposta]  Ring Of Honor Font help

Not the font. However, A Friend Indeed can be modified to fake it.

Fonte sugerida: A Friend In Deed

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