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I'm not near a computer this morning -- I'm headed out to a NAMI 5k

When next I am -- I'll take a look for you. It reminds me of something similar that I think the name is Don X Cross has done in the past

19/10/2017 à 16:26  [réponse]  Harry of London font

This might be two different font families (not just weight)

The closest I see for HARRYS is Cassandra Plus - and it's still not quite it.


Police suggérée : Cassandra Plus

19/10/2017 à 16:23  [réponse]  AUTO SERVIS

Police identifiée : Planet N

15/10/2017 à 15:18  [réponse]  Wassabi Logo Font

No offense taken damz - I had a much better Saturday the 14th! I enjoyed a Greek Festival!

13/10/2017 à 17:56  [réponse]  Wassabi Logo Font

troublemaker... lol
And a happy "triskaidekaphobia" Friday the 13th to you!

PS Damz - it was only my opinion - surely that counts for something LOL

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13/10/2017 à 14:28  [réponse]  Wassabi Logo Font

I couldn't say for sure if that is a font or not (the repeating letters don't seem to match)
However, if you want something that has the same feeling Try Hello Type by fightgraphx


Police suggérée : Hello

11/10/2017 à 18:09  [réponse]  Quelle typo est ce ?

Maybe in Book Italic?

Police suggérée : Ocean Sans

11/10/2017 à 18:05  [réponse]  Quelle typo est ce ?


Police identifiée : Lucida Handwriting

11/10/2017 à 17:52  [réponse]  What font is this?

Looks like someone's version of a Trade or News Gothic -

Perhaps Trade Gothic #18 will do the trick for you.

Police identifiée : Trade Gothic

11/10/2017 à 17:50  [réponse]  What is the name of this font?

The two Ms are not the same - I doubt this is a font.

If you just want something similar, try Moms Hand - NOT THE FONT!!!

Police suggérée : MomsHand

11/10/2017 à 17:46  [réponse]  help please!!

Similar to

Police suggérée : Soleto

MULTICENTRO - Garamond Stencil in Medium weight -- scroll to the bottom of the page - it's there

Police identifiée : Garamond

Las Brisas is set in Adobe Caslon Semibold Italic

Police identifiée : Caslon

09/10/2017 à 05:01  [réponse]  Some pls help me

Police identifiée : Bodoni Poster Compressed

04/10/2017 à 20:52  [réponse]  Font ! SVP

Sorry - 3 minute window - LOL

04/10/2017 à 20:50  [réponse]  Need help identifying

Neutraface Display - Bold weight

Police identifiée : Neutraface

04/10/2017 à 20:47  [réponse]  Font ! SVP

and if you look at the Glyphs you can see the alternate H

Police identifiée : Tartine Script

04/10/2017 à 20:44  [réponse]  font?

I can't find it anywhere - but you probably have it in your font collection. Take a look at URW Pollux Scr No2 Joi D

Police suggérée : Pollux

Édité le 05/10/2017 à 09:32 par frd

03/10/2017 à 23:15  [réponse]  name this font

Police identifiée : Tiranti Solid

03/10/2017 à 23:10  [réponse]  fc koln

Very similar to The Wave in Bold

Police suggérée : The Wave

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