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See if OPTI Cooper Black Five is fine with you

Originally not free but it has been abandoned by its publisher. Opti/Castcraft seems to be out of circulation

What font editor are you using? Is your font editor capable of generating variable fonts? If your answer to that is no, find one that does.

BTW what kind of changes do you want to do that you need to have separate styles. The font supports VN codepage so I assume it contains a complete VN specific characters.

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Microsoft won't be happy to hear what you're planning to do with their font.

BTW you probably already have Bahnschrift installed in your Windows 10

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It is a variable font that is why it is a TTF.
Why do you need to have a separate font for each style when you can have all the styles in a single font?

Go to click on the Extra tab, then click on the Font List on the menu, scroll down to the letter M and click on the Mexico86 link to get a digitization of a font based on that logo

07/01/2022 às 18:47  [resposta]  Please help me with this font.

Fonte identificada: Stardust Adventure

05/01/2022 às 08:38  [resposta]  Canstar Logo Font

Fonte identificada: Friz Quadrata Bold

Yes. Class kerning used in kern OT feature. There might be problems for the accented I/i

Get a big block of text from the internet and apply your font to that. If you see letter spacing problems then kern those pairs. The assumption is that you have set your font's spacing to the best of your ability before any kerning adjustments. It does not matter what the language your sample text is in as any kerning adjustment is applicable to all the languages you mentioned, which all use Latin alphabets. The only problem I can see is with regards to the design of your accents.

What letter pairs you need to look out for depends on the style of your font. However, if you want to be anal about it, then use all possible pairs from A to Z. Here's the string for the A. Do the rest including lowercase, numbers, punctuations, etc.


Here's the list of pairs found in Fontlab's kerning folder. I think Fontlab uses these pairs when you choose to autokern your font.

02/01/2022 às 05:58  [resposta]  what font is it?

Does not match the top of the D

Fonte sugerida: Higher

29/12/2021 às 13:45  [resposta]  Please help me for this font

You're welcome

Sakura matches Althea if you can italicize it in your program (faux italic). I can't find an italic or oblique version of Althea.

Fonte identificada: Althea

29/12/2021 às 12:44  [resposta]  Peppermint Font

Fonte identificada: Christmas Time

29/12/2021 às 12:38  [resposta]  What the font ?

Fonte identificada: Ariston

29/12/2021 às 12:31  [resposta]  Please help me for this font

Fonte identificada: British Inserat

25/12/2021 às 07:17  [resposta]  How to make a font???

The font is in TTF format and you can find a lot here at Dafont.

If you mean how that was done, he used a font editor that is installed in his computer to create that font. How to make a font:

1. Create a drawing of your alphabet, or whatever you want to be in your font, in a graphics program that can produce vector images. If that graphics program is capable of generating a font, then you can create your font from that program. The font format depends on what your graphics program supports.

2. Import the vector drawing you've done in your graphics program into your font editor, then generate a font from there. Usually font editors supports all the common font types. Font editors are also capable of tracing bitmapped images. Unless you prepare the image well, like what metaphasebrothel does, it will need more work to make the resulting font to really look good.

3. Draw everything in your font editor. Font editors has drawing tools to create vector images comparable to what you have in your graphics program.

23/12/2021 às 17:03  [resposta]  Post Secret Font

You're welcome

23/12/2021 às 17:02  [resposta]  Can anyone identify this font?

You're welcome

22/12/2021 às 17:49  [resposta]  Can anyone identify this font?

Fonte identificada: The Dolbak Brush

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