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02/12/2023 à 16:20  [réponse]  Finding bought Fonts

The transaction is between you and the font author. Dafont does not track nor does it profit from the transaction that transpires between you and the font author. This includes clicks on the "Donate to author" button. The only Dafont does is bring you to Paypal where you are going to send your donation.

In my case, I do not consider clicks on the "Donaate to author" button as permission to use my font fpr commercial use unless we have a prior agreement. So if you "bought" fonts here at Dafont, I hope it does not mean you clicked on the "Donaate to author" button.

BTW font authors have different interpretations on the clicks on the "Donaate to author" button so it is best to get in touch with the font author.

Also, only the first paragraph of this message is meant as a reply to the original poster. The rest of the message is intended to those who mught read this message in the future,.

05/11/2023 à 16:46  [réponse]  Language issue

It is probably because Dafont detects that you are in France and automatically serves pages to you in French. Dafont uses cookie but I am not sure if it stores your language of choice in the cookie. Based on what you've written, it appears that Dafont does not do this.

Your option now is to set the language to English every time you visit Dafont. Another way to try is use VPN and set it tp a country that have English as its official language. If you are currently using VPN then that is likely the cause of your problem.

25/10/2023 à 05:49  [réponse]  Help

Even if the TTF and the OTF are associated to another program, these files should open without problem if directly opened in FontView. I am also wondering why opening OTF is very slow in his computer. I have no idea why that happened but what I am certain is that it is a local problem, meaning happens in his computer only.

25/10/2023 à 05:27  [réponse]  Help

There shouldn't be any executable program in the files that you downloaded from the Dafont. If you get an EXE file then there is something wrong in your computer.

Did you get an EXE file in the Sabbath Paranoid download? I can assure you that there is no EXE file in the downloaded ZIP archive. I did not place an EXE file there and Dafont does not insert any file in the download.

15/10/2023 à 20:02  [réponse]  Help

See if you need help on how to install a font

15/10/2023 à 20:01  [réponse]  Help

Are you able to open the OTF as a font? Did it open in Windows Font Viewer. If it did, try to install the font and see if your programs can use the font. There is an install button in Windows Font Viewer.

You need to associate the TTF to windows Font Viewer so that it will open the TTF in Font Viewer every time you double click on a TTF. Check this on how to do that.

Remember that you need to associate the TTF to Windows Font Viewer

As for the slowness of your computer. when was the last time that you restarted your computer? If it has been some time already, why not try to restart your computer, if it is OK with you, and see what happens.

15/10/2023 à 10:24  [réponse]  Help

The TTF might have been associated to another program. How about fonts in OTF format? Do you also have the same problem with fonts with OTF If you have not tried it, download this font and open the OTF file and see what happens,

12/10/2023 à 15:30  [réponse]  Help

Did you save the file you download from Dafont to your hard disk? If yes, what happens when you double click on that saved downloaded file?

17/09/2023 à 19:30  [réponse]  error font

Please get in touch directly with the author and discuss your concerns about the font with him.

1. You can always adapt the instructions to how you do things in your application. I am sure that can be done.

2. In the same way, you should see if your font editor will accept your vector drawing similar to what is stated in the instructions. I am not familiar with Font Forge so I can’t really say for sure if that will work but I have a feeling that would. You won’t really know unless you try it.

The key word is adaptation. There must be a way to implement the instructions made for another application to the application that you are using.

I can’t recall which keyword I used or where the site is.

That’s where you need a search engine for. I am sure you know how to use a search engine and maximizing its potential. But first ask yourself what do you want to find. If you know the answer then that’s the time to use the search engine. If you do not succeed the first time, refine and/or expand your keyword and sooner or later you will find what you’re looking for.

Good luck on your travels through the jungle we call the internet

10/07/2023 à 04:09  [réponse]  Installation to Windows 11

I don’t have Windows 11 but why not try this which works in previous versions of windows

- Download the font you want to install from Dafont
- As fonts downloaded here are in ZIP archives, double click on the ZIP and extract the TTF or OTF (your choice ss to which) to any folder in your computer where you want to save the TTF/OTF
- once the TTF or OTF has been extracted, double click on it and it should open in Windows default font viewer. You will see an INSTALL button on the upper right corner. Wait a few seconds and you’re done.
- open your program and see if the font is now listed in the font selection menu

Windows will allow you to install both the TTF and OTF at the same time but you don’t really need to do that and it’s a waste of resources

If you still have problems with font installation, the FAQ link above will give you more answers to your question

That probably explains why positions of your outline looks that way. What looks like perfect and flawless in a graphics a program might get messed up whe imported into a font editor. The main culprit is the location of nodes and points Font editors hate floating points and move those floating points ton integer positions resulting to deformation in your outlines. Another is that open contours is fine in vector drawings but won’t do in a font. If you can draw directly, the better as what you draw is what you get.

I see instructions on what to do in illustrator to have a drawing that can be imported into Fontlab (and possibly other font editors as well) with hardly any problem. I believe you can find it through Google

Out of curiosity on what program are you drawing the font? Entirely on Font Forge? Or you are drawing this in another program and just importing the outlines into FontForge

Why not download the font at their site and see if there’s information there regarding commercial use

10/06/2023 à 19:52  [réponse]  fonts in color

I do not know but as far as I can remember previews here are only in Black

10/06/2023 à 19:49  [réponse]  font preview

The font preview is still there so as the ability to change the text shown by the preview.

It is possible that the characters in the preview string that you are using is not supported by the font and is showing as the space character -- meaning it is not present in the font. BTW What font are you referring to?

Go to And see what their conditions are
The font is in the W page

If that dingbat font has rough edges then it might have been intentionally done that way. BTW what is the name of that font?

Remember that dafont is not a selling platform but a free font download site. The donation button is provided for people who appreciates your work. It is immaterial whether they use it for commercial purposes or not. However, do not expect much from here.

I am receiving donations here — way beyond my expectations. I received three unsolicited donations (clicked on the donation button without asking me first) last month and I received much more than what you earned at creative market. creativemarket deducts a 50% commission on sales and up to 30% tax on US based buyers, the only deduction I get is 4.4% + $0.30 PayPal fee. In due time you will get donations. In my case, it ranged from $1 up to 4 digits and the fonts I did were just for the joy of it especially during the time when alt.binaries.font was still a lively corner of the internet. The fonts I have here at dafont were not done with financial consideration in mind.

I am sure that you will get donations especially with your Trei font. You are getting a lot of daily downloads. I will be jumping with joy if I am getting 2000 downloads a day. I am lucky if I get 500. I have to be satisfied with 100 or 200 a day. One other thing is for you to take advantage of the traffic you are getting. Use your Adsense account here at dafont, that is if you haven’t done it yet. With the low downloads that I am getting, I was surprised to see the number of ad views and clicks that I am getting here. The ads that are mine when you go to my profile page, my fonts lists and individual font pages are on the right side or bottom of the page. The ad at the top is owned by dafont. So when you click on an authors Adsense ad, you are giving him a few cents up to several dollars per click depending on the ad. Sir better consider adding your adsense here at dafont. 😁

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