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05/12/2021 a las 10:32  [respuesta]  Font name

05/12/2021 a las 07:32  [respuesta]  What is the font?

Fuente sugerida: Electric Toaster

Izaoliveiira97 ha dicho  
Qual é a fonte? ¿Cuál es la fuente?What is the source? [FLAMENGO]

True that the preview shown was that of Flamengo but remove the TIM logo and the font is the Adidas World Cup 2018 font.

Flamengo did not have exclusive use of the font. After the 2018 World Cup, the font was used by other clubs around the world whose football kits were sponsored by Adidas. Other Adidas sponsored clubs in Brazil might have used the same font.

Sorry for the edit of the above post, I clicked on the wrong reply link :(

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04/12/2021 a las 15:10  [respuesta]  Font

Fuente identificada: A little sunshine

04/12/2021 a las 15:07  [respuesta]  Whats that font?

If the lines ran from top to bottom the #2 image reminds me of Lamina Don, a dry transfer font from Mecanorma. See

04/12/2021 a las 14:30  [respuesta]  Werkroom Font?

Could be self made.

W k r were modified from the solid Footlight MT.
e o might be modifications of letters from another font.

That's the Adidas 2018 World Cup font

Fuente identificada: Adidas World Cup 2018

28/11/2021 a las 19:30  [respuesta]  What is the font?

Linotype Didot Bold | Didot LT Bold

Didot is a system font in Mac OS

Fuente identificada: Didot

19/11/2021 a las 08:32  [respuesta]  Ascender problem in font submission.

You are on a Mac so you do not see this problem. If you have access to Windows try it there and that's where you will see the problem. If you have MS Word on your Mac, the clipping problem might also show in that program. The value of your ascender and descender does not matter. What you need to adjust is the value of the WinAscent and WinDescent. It is really easy to fix.

Get your bbox.
Set the value of your WinAscent to the value of the top of your bbox.
Set the value of your WinDescent to the value of the bottom of your bbox.

Generate the font and try it on Windows, without using Adobe programs.

I do not know your font editor so I cannot tell you where to find the parameters of your bbox and where to set the WinAscent and WinDescent. Besides, I only know how to do it in a specific font editor but there are others here who can help you with other font editors.

Try Grandi Thin but the V looks a bit too wide
The A is an inverted V

Fuente sugerida: Grandi

12/11/2021 a las 05:04  [respuesta]  commercial permission

Carmen Noemí ha dicho  
Hola quería preguntar si es obligatorio dar atribución por la fuente 100 % gratis. Muchas gracias por su respuesta

I believe you should as a matter of courtesy for the fine work that the font author did, most especially that you find it fitting to use on your project.

If you made money using the 100% Free font, why not click on that "Donate to author" button if the font author enabled that option. Also, if there's a way for you to contact font author show the font author how you used his/her font. It is not compulsory but I believe the font author would be pleased to hear that you found his/her font useful.

09/11/2021 a las 07:32  [respuesta]  Banner Personal Campaign

Is it the "I laugh at loud at font jokes" vertical/skyscraper banner? It appears on your profile page, your font page (emily-spadoni.d5697) and in all your individual font pages.

Try emptying your broswer's cache (Ctrl H in Chrome then click on clear browsing data) and revisit your pages here. Your browser is likely loading images from the cache to speed things up. If you have an alternate browser, try using that to visit your pages.

01/11/2021 a las 14:24  [respuesta]  font help

Font Organizing:

Try FontOrg it is a shareware program by Al Jones. I have not seen him around since Yahoogroups folded. The program does not have support as its website is down. I also am not sure if the program author is still alive. This is a pre-Windows 10 program but I guess it will still work as intended. It is good at what it does but might need some tweaking. The text files in the package controls how the program sorts your fonts. This fills your #1 option.

If you are interested in the program, I found a clean download at The download link is in the fourth message of that thread.

If you are going to try this program, I suggest that you test it first. Dump a thousand assorted fonts to a directory and sort it using FontOrg. If you like the result, then it's the time to sort your entire collection.

Read whatever documentation the program has before running it.

Font Renaming:

Get RedEar's Font Renamer. It is a very good font renaming program and I am using it. It also works on Windws 10. That program is an answer to your #3 option and it is free. Go to and then click on the Extra tab. Click on the RedEar's Font Renamer link on the menu and then scroll down to the bottom of the page for the download link. Read what's written on the page for info on the program.

I do not know of a program that does that.

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05/10/2021 a las 13:24  [respuesta]  Galaxy Dingbats - Email

01/10/2021 a las 18:50  [respuesta]  Così fan tutte

Here's a free digitization of a Mecanorma dry transfer font by Dick Pape

Fuente identificada: Via Face Don Black Lines

30/09/2021 a las 04:05  [respuesta]  what font is?

After Disaster matches the text but it does not have the shadow. The ~~~~ part does not match the weight of the font so it is likely that it was drawn.

Fuente identificada: After Disaster

30/09/2021 a las 03:55  [respuesta]  what font is?

All text in the two speech bubbles were done in WildWords Roman from ComicCraft
The wavy thing is not part of the font. You will notice that it is bolder than the text
The wavy thing could be from another font most likely a ~ that was kerned too tightly
Or it might have been drawn.

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Why not post the original image then ask people to identify specific words in the image, like "please identify WHO AM I" or "please identify SILENCE". It is as simple as that. If you felt that the image is too big or you want portions of the image removed, then crop it but do not resize it. As had already been said, cropping the image is fine but not enlarging it.

It is not only your post that is deleted but the entire thread. What if someone IDed your request and when you went back to check, the thread has been deleted. You have to adapt to the rules and not go against it.

26/09/2021 a las 21:02  [respuesta]  Getting paid

You can set up your donation link once your font is online here. Same thing with Adsense. I hope you are patient as font evaluation time is much longer now.

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