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This looks hand drawn to me. The M+A in MAGGIE is connected at the bottom, but there is a small space between those letters in MACNEAL.

.ttf font files didn't exist yet when she last had a hit song on any country's chart.

The text below is quoted directly from Luc's e-mail reply to me:

Yes, the closure will be permanent,
but the web site will probably remain up for a long time.
I ceased all updates---it's over as far as my outing into the world of fonts
is concerned.

Luc hosts my home page, and we exchange e-mails regularly. I've asked him for an explanation, and I'll post in this thread after his reply.

19/04/2022 às 02:43  [resposta]  Genshin Font File

mspiggyd1 disse  
How did you add the picture to your post?

1) Copy the internet address of the image you want to post.

2)Type left square bracket, type img, type right square bracket.

3) Paste the internet address of the image.

4) Type left square bracket, type forward slash, type img, type right square bracket.

5) Submit post.

toto@k22 disse  

Horiz. Origin Y: 256 - could be the right sidebearing

Descent: 256 - the bottom edge of the character with the lowest structure. This should be a negative value since it's measured from the baseline. Ascent + |Descent| = UPM...

"Horiz. Origin Y": 256 could be the length of the descender, as the X Axis is for horizontal, and the Y Axis is for vertical in Cartesian coordinate system:

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03/02/2022 às 08:03  [resposta]  special characters

The simple way for Windows 10:

Open the directory C:\Windows\system32, and look for charmap.exe. (Character Map). This file can be copy/pasted to another location for easier future access, but don't use cut and paste; leave the file as is in system32.

The character map will show you the glyph set for any installed .ttf or .otf fonts. Scroll to find the font you want to use. Double-click on a glyph you want to use to add it to the Character Map clipboard. Select and copy the glyph from the Character Map to a word processor, or other app.

You can also enable glyphs not found on your keyboard by typing the correct ASCII or ANSI code, but that's for professionals, and too difficult for me to explain to you. I also don't know how to do it on a laptop keyboard; the ASCII codes I used to use required both the Alt key and the number pad.

29/01/2022 às 23:05  [resposta]  Black Forest

Paul Lloyd made Black Forest about twenty years ago. He's been making commercial fonts for almost fifteen years. His old free work likely doesn't interest him much. There are no numbers because Paul didn't design Black Forest, he made a digital version of some alphabet design from a printed source.

28/01/2022 às 12:21  [resposta]  Black Forest

Several of my early fonts were rejected by dafont because they were too complex; as per Rodolphe, they caused the 'blue screen of death' when viewed on a computer using Windows Vista, if Cleartype was enabled. I did not have any problems viewing these same fonts on the Windows XP computer I used to make them

For a while in early 2008, I experimented with fonts that had simulated grey tones; I abandoned that experiment after being dissatisfied with the results. I spent many, many hours creating source graphics which were much too complex for my font editor to translate them to vector format, leaving me with some really nice miniature monochrome clip art, like this one:

Some guy in Japan used an enlarged version of this picture on t-shirts. Apparently it looks good from a distance, but up close, no one could figure out what it was supposed to be. That was exactly the effect he wanted.

You MIGHT be able to apply effects to Black Forest if:

a) You try doing the work on a computer with Windows XP operating system, or

b) You disable Cleartype.

With Windows 10, you would change Cleartype setting by right-clicking on the desktop -> selecting Personalize from the shortcuts list, then selecting Fonts is the Display Properties settings. You should see a blue link that will allow you to change the Cleartype settings. If this doesn't solve your problem, you can change the Cleartype settings back to their former configuration.

With a complex font like Black Forest, NEVER use Bold formatting!

I don't know if either of these solutions will work; I just make fonts; I don't use them in any apps other than MS Word.

Those overly complex early fonts I made are on my home page. If you want to have copies, the link is on my "Authors" page:

25/01/2022 às 09:18  [resposta]  All unquit


If you have a font editor, the licensing terms are usually set internally in the Font Info data. If the font file itself says that commercial use is free, you don't NEED to receive e-mail confirmation from the author. Some font designers make free fonts to give back to the design community for free fonts made by other designers. The concept of trying to make money from fonts that are often of amateur quality is relatively new; some people have a delusion that if 500,000 people download their font for free from dafont, they could have sold 500,000 commercial use licenses, if they had marketed their font differently. It doesn't work that way!

100% free fonts are often not 'designed' by the font author; an alphabet design is found in some print source, and someone creates a digital version. Fonts that are conceived, designed and executed by the font author usually have a fee for commercial use.

These are not 'hard and fast' rules, but they are true in many cases.

For Dieter Steffmann's fonts, I think the only requirement before you could use his fonts commercially was to ask politely on his website.

With a handful of exceptions, type designers hosted by dafont are not becoming wealthy from their typography work. Many of us make some money, but no one should expect to be able to buy an automobile or pay for their college education with something they made on a rainy afternoon. There are a lot of people who collect fonts as a hobby, and download from dafont because the download is free. Often they never get around to actually opening the .zip file, or if the do, the font is never installed. Download statistics are deceptive. In many cases, people download the same font .zip multiple times, because they can't remember if they already have it or not.

I don't use software to identify fonts. I get better results from jerseygirl.

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There are 14 different installed fonts in Windows 10 with the file name Bahnschrift, and all have the same date last modified.

The file name and the font name are two different entities that often, but nor always, have the same name. The font name is set internally within the font. The file name can be anything, or altered with right click -> rename. Renaming an installed font will render it unusable.

This is how I would extract the individual styles:

1) Create 14 separate new subfolders inside a new folder. Each of the 14 subfolders would be named/numbered 1-14.

2) Open C:\Windows\Fonts, and using Windows search, search for Bahnschrift. One result will come up in search results.

3) Right-click -> copy the search result.

4) open the first of the 14 subfolders.

5) Right Click -> Paste in subfolder 1. When prompted with a dialog box asking what you want to do with the 14 files that have the same name, check the first box only.

6) open subfolder #2.

Repeat step 5), but check only the second box.

7) repeat this procedure for font and subfolder #'s 3-14. This should give you all 14 styles, each in its own folder. At this point, you can alter the file names to match the internal font names.

I didn't test this, because I don't use Bahnschrift, but I'm confident that this method would work.

Try Font Moose on Luc Devroye's site:

Luc is a Professor of Computer Science at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, and he probably knows more about fonts and typography than anyone else currently alive. He also hosts my homepage, which includes some of my early fonts that aren't on dafont.

One additional font that I made and released publicly is on fontspace(dot)com, (MockingjayXL - single glyph). dafont doesn't allow single glyph fonts, but there is one exception, (Obey Venice, part of the collection in my Obey Series 2:

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06/01/2022 às 21:43  [resposta]  Narnia Project

NarniaBooks disse  
Narnia Project

I can't see how to post pics, but I'd be happy to post a couple to show you how the effect works.

To post images on this board, you need to use manual html tags.

1) Upload your image to an image hosting site. I use postimages(dot)org

2) If the image hosting site DOES NOT give you a formatted link for posting images in forums, do the following:

a) Select and copy the url of your image, then in the dafont forum window, type left square bracket, img, right square bracket, paste the url of your image, type left square bracket, forward slash, img, right square bracket. There should be no blank spaces in any part of that text.

I type this:

And this is posted in the forum:

Note: This image is based on a photocopy of an original drawing of Betty Boop by Grim Natwick, who created Betty Boop in 1930. It was a gift from Grim to Reg Hartt of Toronto, Canada. Grim was 90 years old when he drew it.Commercial use of this image is not authorized by Reg or by the copyright holder. Personal non-commercial use is OK.

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31/12/2021 às 15:02  [resposta]  How to make a font???

For a few glyphs in the Cabbagetown font, I drew a VERY rough image of the glyph at the proper size for importing, using MS Paint. I then 'sculpted' the rough vector image in the font editor; this step goes very quickly, involving the removal of superfluous nodes from the edges of the vector contours. Sometimes the removal of a specific node would cause the vector to distort or collapse, so I'd just use Edit -> Undo, and remove different nodes instead. After removing the nodes I didn't need, I would concentrate on moving the remaining nodes to different X/Y positions, and manipulating the positions of the control handles was the next to last step.

I got excellent results by completely editing my vectors at much larger than standard size, with the final editing stage being reduction of the vertical metrics to the standard size. The Cabbagetown .zip file contains the original completed font and variations at about 1700 unit X-height, and the standard sized versions, with X-heights slightly above 700 units.

22/12/2021 às 11:55  [resposta]  How to make a font???

Afflospark disse  
It's not strange.
If you have an interest in designing then you can make your own font and sell it for $$$$.
You can make font by our traditional method of designing or by some online site or software.
Both are good but if you want to create a Professional grade font, then you should always choose traditional method.
here I see a good article explaining both the methods. You can follow this to learn more about creating fonts

Good Luck.

This link isn't very helpful.

1) A scanner costs several hundred dollars.

2) Adobe Illustrator is also VERY expensive; it looks like it's no longer sold as a CD, users have to pay a monthly fee of about $21-31 US dollars, plus tax. A professional graphic designer can afford that, and claim the amount as a business expense for person income tax filing, but these upfront costs are prohibitively expensive for someone who wants to attempt to make fonts.

Adobe Illusrator isn't needed to convert an image file to a vector. Some font editing programs, (ScanFont 3, which I use - see post #25 - and FontCreator), will create vectors from imported monochrome bitmap images.

FontForge is free software; FontCreator costs $149 - $199 US dollars, from high logic:

Free 'cracked' versions of most font editing programs can be found on the Internet, but I won't tell you how or where to find them. The ones I have are on a computer that's not connected to the Internet.

If you have a Windows operating system, one of the things that Microsoft does in a Windows update is scan your computer for unregistered software, then it shuts down those apps. These included a number of commercial fonts. I think the copyright holders pay some fee to Microsoft to have them look for their software in individual's computers.

With Windows XP, the .log file created by a Windows update could be read with Notepad, and lists which specific files were being searched for, mentioned by name. Now you need to contact Microsoft if you want to read the updates log. These included a number of commercial fonts. I think the copyright holders pay some fee to Microsoft to have them look for their software in individual's computers.

Windows updates also shut down a few unregistered computer games that I had installed. This happened to me for the first time in early 2014. Those same cracked softwares work fine on a Windows XP computer, not connected to the Internet, with no updates after Service Pack 3. I'm currently stockpiling computers with these specifications, but it's becoming more difficult to find laptops that have drivers and motherboards compatible with XP. What I can do with ScanFont 3, created around 1995, can't be reproduced with the latest technology. Unfortunately, Scanfont 3 ONLY works with Windows XP and earlier operating systems.

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14/12/2021 às 17:34  [resposta]  Outline font

08/12/2021 às 14:25  [resposta]  History of copyright changes

I can see that your font first appeared on dafont on September 7, 2009. Look at your "My account" page for the date of the LAST update. If there were additional updates in between those two dates, it's highly unlikely that those dates would be made available to you.

Check in your "Private messages" cache; perhaps there's something saved there regarding changes, which would give you the approximate date when your font or its terms of use were changed.

12/11/2021 às 10:07  [resposta]  commercial permission

toto@k22 disse  
Carmen Noemí disse  
Hola quería preguntar si es obligatorio dar atribución por la fuente 100 % gratis. Muchas gracias por su respuesta

I believe you should as a matter of courtesy for the fine work that the font author did, most especially that you find it fitting to use on your project.

If you made money using the 100% Free font, why not click on that "Donate to author" button if the font author enabled that option. Also, if there's a way for you to contact font author show the font author how you used his/her font. It is not compulsory but I believe the font author would be pleased to hear that you found his/her font useful.

I ask for that in the read me doc for some of my 100% free fonts, and a few people have complied. I don't enable the 'Donate to Author' button for my one free for personal use font, because it might give some people the impression that their donation purchases a commercial use license.

08/11/2021 às 16:30  [resposta]  font submission

@Cat.B: As mentioned in #7, my response in #5 is pure speculation. It's just a logical reason why a Mans Greback font MIGHT have been approved prior to some submitted earlier than his, and the primary reason I suggested is because it takes less time to review his submissions. You mentioned his font in post #2, that's the only reason why I used him as an example.

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