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02/05/2021 alle 20:44  [risposta]  Please help me find this font

Add an image of the font to your post, then pose your question in the Font Identification forum.

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01/05/2021 alle 09:26  [risposta]  font pairing

This is Cast Iron, a 100% free font on dafont. It doesn't have a Condensed weight. You need to provide a download link or at least an image of Cast Iron Condensed before anyone can help you with pairing suggestions. It shouldn't have been necessary to point that out.

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01/05/2021 alle 08:59  [risposta]  Payload complete


Nobody is going to give you a commercial font for free on this board, but asking for one again might get you banned from future forum posts.

01/05/2021 alle 08:54  [risposta]  commercial font

Click the banner for that font; commercial licensing information is in the Notes of the Author

Take into account that many fonts submitted to dafont were made by professional typographers, but many more than that are created by amateurs with minimal knowledge of how to make a font that is professional in appearance. Common newbie errors include kerning errors, (ie: the space between letters), inconsistent baselines, and glyphs located in the wrong place. Some people submit commercial fonts with the name changed, or they modify an existing font, with the majority of glyphs left unchanged. Many are just not good enough to be posted on dafont, but the staff have to review them, before making that decision. Type designers who have already demonstrated that they know how to make a font correctly usually have their new submissions approved more quickly. Some designers submit unfinished work, then upload multiple updates as they correct mistakes that should have been done before the initial submission.

21/04/2021 alle 02:23  [risposta]  Free for Personal Use Enquiry

@Cre@tiveDegree$tudent: You should always expect a bit of sarcasm in replies on this forum. Good luck with your project.

09/04/2021 alle 01:24  [risposta]  How to make a font???

@fontsandmore: I make fonts as a hobby, not as a vocation. I can't justify the expense of buying new software to create fonts that are generally 100% free, or would generate minimal income. I invest most of my time in creating monochrome bitmap source graphics, into which I import, and modify, with Scanfont 3. I use FontLab Studio5 primarily to change the vector size in vertical metrics.

I don't like FontCreator5 because it adjusts the size of imported graphics. ScanFont3 creates vectors with 10 editing units for each pixel in the imported monochrome bitmap. I'm an old dog, and I don't want to learn new tricks, but thanks for the information, nonetheless.

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07/04/2021 alle 11:15  [risposta]  Free for Personal Use Enquiry

The pertinent question is: Are you intending to earn any income from the font? If the answer is yes, it's commercial use. If the answer is no, it's personal use. If you're going to use the font in material graded by a professor, including the name of the font and its designer in the bibliography footnotes would be a good idea. If someone asked me specifically, I'd ask for a copy of the creative project, but no money.

If you use a font for commercial gain, it's commercial use. The fact that you might have limited discretionary income because of the high tuition and housing costs while not having a full time job is irrelevant. That would get you this:

06/04/2021 alle 15:50  [risposta]  How to make a font???

I have FontCreator, Fontlab Studio5, and ScanFont3. I never use FontCreator, and I use Studio5 only for a few technical tasks. I love ScanFont3, but it's no longer sold, and it only works with pre-Vista versions of the Windows operating system. I make fonts on a separate computer with Windows XP that isn't connected to the Internet. My fonts are all based on vectors created from imported monochrome bitmap images, as opposed to drawing glyphs from scratch within the font editor.

04/04/2021 alle 18:17  [risposta]  Fontspace approval?

Everything I know about making fonts, except for what I learned on my own through trial and error, is from toto@k22. Some of that knowledge is contained in his past postings in the dafont forums. FontKawaiiCo, In my opinion, it would be a good investment of your time to selectively scan through toto@k22's posting history, and I have no doubt that at least half of the next seven questions you have will already have been answered in one or more of his posts.

04/04/2021 alle 18:02  [risposta]  Fontspace approval?

FontKawaiiCo ha detto  
Oh that's interesting. I reached out to another designer on fontspace and he said that it takes about a week to have each of their fonts approved but mine have been sitting unapproved for a few weeks now. I wonder if there is something wrong with my account or something, I wish they would respond to my messages and let me know what's up.

Keep in mind that my information was current as of nine years ago.

03/04/2021 alle 17:54  [risposta]  Academic use

@Inbar: I'm curious as to why you would include someone else' work in YOUR portfolio.

03/04/2021 alle 17:50  [risposta]  Are readme files mandatory?

I would recommend that you include a read me in .txt file type, if and when you submit a font for which you have a reasonable expectation of receiving money from commercial use. Most read me docs contain little more than the terms and payment procedure for commercial use, and many font authors include the same read me doc with all of their submissions.

03/04/2021 alle 17:44  [risposta]  Fontspace approval?

When I uploaded fonts on Fontspace, (not since 2012), there was no approval process, submissions were posted almost immediately. At that time, they probably had a program that would check to make sure the submission was not a commercial font. Being the author of a 'free to download' font was not a submission requirement.

I would call them a 'family friendly' site. My font BeautyMarks has over 430,000 downloads here, but they removed it from Fontspace about a year after it was posted there. If they had sent me an e-mail saying why the font was removed, I would have continued to upload later fonts to that site. I didn't remove the ones already there, some of which are not posted on dafont.

10/04/2020 alle 10:00  [risposta]  Woodsy Font

Rustic Black Shadow by Character

Free download at Fontspace(dot)com. Don't bother trying to contact Character by e-mail; he died a few years ago.

In Microsoft Word, you can create Example 2 from Example 1 by changing the text and highlight colors. It's also easily done with color fill, using MS Paint.

For a font with an actual "negative space", ie: depressing the space bar on keyboard produces a black rectangle glyph, rather than a white blank space, I put one of those in my fonts Outstanding and FixCystNeon, in place of the broken bar glyph, (caps of the backslash key, on keyboard).

For a font that has both a positive and a negative version of text display, but doesn't necessarily look like Konstructiv, take a look through the fonts by Manfred Klein, he did that with a few of his fonts, but most of them are not on Dafont. He made thousands of fonts, but only about 325 of them are available at Dafont.

Manfred Klein is probably deceased by now; his last released new fonts appeared about twelve years ago, and he sent me a couple of nearly complete new fonts, which were never officially released, in an e-mail attachment, in February, 2008.

U looks like Bookman Oldstyle.

All of the Alan Carr fonts on dafont are 100% free for all use. Alan made fonts from 1992-2004, per Luc Devroye, and a few had problems with the side bearings, which caused some glyphs to be overlapping, when typed in a word processor. Just use them commercially if you want to; that's what '100% free' means.

I don't think anyone has any current contact information.



08/12/2016 alle 20:59  [post iniziale]  The chat message font in this

It looks like a Des Gomez, but I'm not sure.



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