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23/02/2024 a las 10:14  [respuesta]  No kerning on Windows

When I was making my only alphabet font which isn't monospaced, I created an MS Word doc and typed the 676 letter pairs, (AA - ZZ). I then selected the most recent version of the unfinished font for the entire document, and looked to see if the kerning looked correct at different point sizes. That word doc can be reused for any installed font.

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#3 en Francais, traduit par Google

Chuck, je vous recommande également de créer soit un document texte Lisez-moi générique pour chacune de vos polices qui ne sont plus 100% gratuites, soit de créer un document Lisez-moi unique pour chacune, si les termes d'utilisation commerciale ne sont PAS identiques. Vous devriez les avoir inclus dans les archives dafont .zip. Vous devriez probablement demander à frd par message privé comment procéder le plus efficacement possible, qu'il s'agisse de télécharger des fichiers .zip mis à jour pour toutes vos polices, ou de fournir un ou plusieurs documents Lisez-moi et d'indiquer les noms des fichiers .zip auxquels ils doivent être ajouté. À tout le moins, vous devez mettre à jour la « Note de l'auteur » pour chaque police, pour réitérer que les polices ne sont plus 100 % gratuites.

Je vous recommande également de faire une recherche Google pour chacune de vos polices, afin de voir quels autres sites, autres que Dafont, hébergent votre travail. Même si vous avez soumis les polices uniquement sur ce site, d'autres sites téléchargent invariablement depuis Dafont et ajoutent des polices à celles qu'ils hébergent.

D'un point de vue juridique, vos polices sont à 100 % à partir du moment où elles ont été publiées jusqu'à la date à laquelle vous modifiez les termes de la licence. Si vous n'indiquez pas le changement sur CHAQUE SITE hébergeant vos polices, quelqu'un qui télécharge votre travail à partir d'un site qui affiche votre travail comme 100 % gratuit pourrait raisonnablement supposer qu'il n'y a pas de frais pour une utilisation commerciale, et la loi soutiendrait cette hypothèse. Il vous incombe de modifier les conditions d'utilisation et d'indiquer explicitement les modifications.

29/12/2023 a las 18:22  [respuesta]  search font complete

Look through the results for Mathematical fonts on Luc Devroye's site:

Chuck, I recommend that you also create either one generic read me text document for every one of your fonts which are no longer 100% free, or create an unique read me for each, if the commercial use terms are NOT identical. You should have those included in the dafont .zip archives. You should probably ask frd by private message how to do that most efficiently, whether it's uploading updated .zip files for all of your fonts, or providing one or more read me docs, and indicating the names of the .zip files to which they should be added. At the very least, you should update the 'Note of Author' for each font, to reiterate that the fonts are no longer 100% free.

I would recommend as well that you do a Google search for each of your fonts, to see which other sites, other than dafont, are hosting your work. Athough you may have submitted the fonts only to this site, Other sites invariably download from dafont, and add fonts to the ones they host.

From a legal perspective, your fonts are 100% from the time they were posted until the date on which you change the licensing terms. If you do not indicate the change on EVERY SITE hosting your fonts, Someone who downloads your work from a site which displays your work as 100% free could reasonably assume that there is no fee for commercial use, and the law would support that assumption. The onus is on YOU to modify the terms of use, and to explicitly state the changes.

28/11/2023 a las 14:51  [respuesta]  HelloCat

marty666 ha dicho  
Keith Morris... like the singer of Black Flag / Circle Jerks?

No, this Keith Morris:

He usually does custom lettering, rather than fonts.

Custom proprietary fonts which are not available for purchase are quite common. Most major newspapers and magazines have one which is unique and associated specifically with the publication. Keith Morris designed a font which can only be used by the Campbell's Soup company. In these cases, the font is owned by the client, rather than by its designer.

17/08/2023 a las 20:04  [respuesta]  Problem regarding font license.

Yes, go ahead and use it commercially.

Paul Lloyd made more than 100 fonts before 2008 which are 100% free for all use. His fonts from 2008 and later for the Greater Albion foundry are not free.

Which font editing software do you use to make fonts?

Do you draw your glyphs in the font editor, or import them from a different app?

Do you understand the terms ascender, descender and vertical metrics?

The problem is with the image quality. It appears that you have enlarged a smaller text sample. The altered image is insufficiently clear to allow for proper identification. Try your request again with the original image, even if it's small.

02/08/2023 a las 18:04  [respuesta]  use permission for logger font

@Chuck Rang: Mention on the title page that the font on the cover is Logger by David Rakowski.

It's very possible that he did not design the font, he may have just made a digital version of a Public Domain alphabet design, from a printed source.

26/07/2023 a las 16:50  [respuesta]  How to do

Usually the demo version has only a basic character map; (alphabet, possibly numbers, some limited punctuation). The full version would be for sale somewhere. It would likely include many accented characters, and other glyphs that are non-essential for basic text use.

Years ago, some font authors released demo versions with a few random glyphs not included, (no lower case k, no capital P, no number 4, etc.), but new fonts like that would not be posted on dafont today; a full alphabet in the character map is necessary for non-dingbat fonts.

13/07/2023 a las 20:20  [respuesta]  Mystery and detective sources

I think something by Max Infeld, (Xenographer Fonts - would suit your purposes.

All of the SDFonts on dafont were posted before 2006, and the last updates were in February, 2007. There's no current associated dafont member account. Leaving a comment that you used the font for your film, (and a brief acknowledgement in the end credits), would appear to be sufficent. There's a tiny chance that you might have to cough up $5, somewhere down the road.

@Spudthumper88: If you're asking a question like this, you should include the name of the font applicable to your inquiry.

Some fonts listed as 100% free are in that category because the author chose that license when they uploaded their own work.

Some fonts listed as 100% free are in that category because information to that effect is contained in the header section of the font file. In older Windows operating systems, I think up to XP, the header could be read if the font was open in preview.

Some fonts are listed as 100% free because all work by that specific author is freeware.

Some fonts are 100% free because it says so in a read me document enclosed in the download .zip.

Some fonts are 100% free, but not listed with that license, because the font was uploaded by someone other than the author.

Some fonts are 100% free because it's been determined that the author is deceased.

Some fonts are 100% free because someone else asked previously, and dafont staff remember the author's reply. I don't know if Dieter Steffmann is still alive, but the procedure to obtain permission to use HIS fonts was just to ask politely on him home page. He said yes to everyone who did that.

Keep in mind that there are fonts on dafont which were made more than 30 years ago. In many cases, the person who made them no longer has any interest in typography, and the contact information, if it even exists, may be many years out of date.

Some of the 'old masters' of freeware fonts worked in typesetting during their employment career, then they made digital versions of their work after they retired. They just wanted their work to continue to be used after the age of lead block text.

Twenty years ago, a lot more fonts were 100% free, as a gift to the design community for freeware fonts made by other people. The commercialization of quickly made amateurish fonts is a relatively recent phenomena. Some kids think they'll pay for their college education with a few fonts they made on rainly afternoons. They look at download statistics, and see each as a potential sale. In reality, a whole lot of people collect fonts because they're free, as a form of hoarding. In many cases, the font itself will never be extracted from the .zip file. I have Gigabytes of unextracted font .zips, and I can't be the only one.

Some people download the same font multiple times, because they don't remember that they already have it. Some of the authors download their own fonts multiple times, to be placed higher on the popularity list.

Most of the people who download free fonts would decline, if the download cost a dollar. Quality of work matters, if the goal is to make money. Quantity of downloads just means that many people believe that the font is more valuable than the disk space it will occupy.

If you want to cover your butt legally, post a comment on the font description page, stating that you are using the author's font for an independent film, and that you are willing to pay fair compensation. Most likely, you'll never get an answer, but you can settle the matter if you do.

Ari94, I might be the only person who still uses ScanFont 3 to make fonts, but it's the only one compatible with my style.

I make detailed source graphics with MS Paint, and import them into ScanFont 3 as monochrome bitmaps. I then 'sculpt' the vectors by removing all of the nodes than are not needed to maintain the shape of the contours. If I remove the wrong node, edit -> undo puts it back.

Take a look at the animated .gif on the details page for my font Cabbagetown, to see the steps used to design my letter M. The read me .pdf in the dafont .zip has examples of what finished glyphs look like in ScanFont 3. The promo .gif is definitely worth the minute and twenty seconds of your life needed to watch it all the way to the end.

Note that SF3 is 1990's software, and no longer sold by fontlab. I don't think it works with Windows operating systems more recent than XP. I have it installed on an XP computer which has never been connected to the Internet. The processing speed is amazing; Internet and updates slow everything down.

I normally make dingbats, but Cabbagetown is my one and only original alphabet design.

10/03/2023 a las 06:31  [respuesta]  White text on black

Scroll through Manfred Klein's fonts:

and keep in mind that many of his fonts have multiple styles, so a white on black version won't necessarily be displayed in the banners. He made several that fit your description request.

I'm pretty sure that Manfred is now deceased. If he's alive, he would be about 93. His last released fonts were made in 2008. I was told by Petra Heidorn, ("CybaPee"), that Manfred retired from Internet contact to care for his wife, who was seriously ill fifteen years ago.

I received an e-mail from him around then, and he attached a few fonts that were works in progress, near completion, but never released publicly. At one time, he used to release 20+ new fonts every Sunday.

09/03/2023 a las 18:12  [post initial]  What font is this?

It looks like Sunset Boulevard, with the shadows reversed. I only have samples of these four letters.


02/03/2023 a las 19:29  [respuesta]  Why is it not working


I know what you're doing wrong.

First you need to click on the banner for a font you want to see in text display. On that font's description page, type your text in the field below 'Custom Preview', select the size, then click on the Submit button.

Or if you were referring to the Preview and Submit buttons below the Reply window in a Forum thread:

Type some text in the Reply window, then click on Preview. You'll see what the text will look like in the forum post.

The dafont message board doesn't have a toolbar, so if you want to add color, formatting, change the text size, or add an image to your post*, you have to manually type the html tags.

*The procedure to add an image is different in the Font Identification forum.

Use this as a guideline:

Type this:

and this is what it looks like in the Reply window:

This text is bold.

This text is italic.

This text has diamond bullets surrounding it.

This text is blue.

This text is 20 point size.

This text is bold, italic, red, and 36 point size.

Inserting an image:

Type [img] then paste the address of the image, then type [/img]


posts the picture of Betty Boop with red hair.

To create a link to a web page:

creates a link to the wikipedia home page.

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