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10/04/2020 à 10:00  [réponse]  Woodsy Font

Rustic Black Shadow by Character

Free download at Fontspace(dot)com. Don't bother trying to contact Character by e-mail; he died a few years ago.

In Microsoft Word, you can create Example 2 from Example 1 by changing the text and highlight colors. It's also easily done with color fill, using MS Paint.

For a font with an actual "negative space", ie: depressing the space bar on keyboard produces a black rectangle glyph, rather than a white blank space, I put one of those in my fonts Outstanding and FixCystNeon, in place of the broken bar glyph, (caps of the backslash key, on keyboard).

For a font that has both a positive and a negative version of text display, but doesn't necessarily look like Konstructiv, take a look through the fonts by Manfred Klein, he did that with a few of his fonts, but most of them are not on Dafont. He made thousands of fonts, but only about 325 of them are available at Dafont.

Manfred Klein is probably deceased by now; his last released new fonts appeared about twelve years ago, and he sent me a couple of nearly complete new fonts, which were never officially released, in an e-mail attachment, in February, 2008.

U looks like Bookman Oldstyle.

All of the Alan Carr fonts on dafont are 100% free for all use. Alan made fonts from 1992-2004, per Luc Devroye, and a few had problems with the side bearings, which caused some glyphs to be overlapping, when typed in a word processor. Just use them commercially if you want to; that's what '100% free' means.

I don't think anyone has any current contact information.



08/12/2016 à 20:59  [post initial]  The chat message font in this

It looks like a Des Gomez, but I'm not sure.



06/12/2016 à 16:43  [réponse]  Font names please!

If it doesn't get identified, try Lobster, for similar:

Police suggérée : Lobster

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28/11/2016 à 19:21  [réponse]  Is it a font?

I see the 7, barbietuerick, but I don't know of a font with numbers like that. Maybe you might get a more definitive answer, if you pose this question in the Font Identification forum.

Many of the skilled identifiers who frequent the dafont forums don't post often in General Discussion, because they're too busy racing against each other to identify latest requests, and where they can be found. Some people take the ID stats board very seriously, and we are all beneficiaries of their keen eyes and memories.

EmmausDan, don't ever try to move or rename any installed fonts. It can and will damage the font permanently, and may also damage copies of the same font you may have stored in other folder directories, even if they are in unopened .zip files. Installed fonts use a lot of computer memory; having too many installed at the same time can slow down other processes.

To move or rename an installed font,(using Windows XP operating system):

1) Configure your folder options so that file extensions are hidden, for known file types. Most of your installed fonts probably have .ttf or .otf file types. In some cases, an .otf font may have a .ttf file extension. It will still work properly, but the icon and file extension types are not the same; hide the extension, so the computer can make the correct decision, on your behalf. In XP, go to Tools in the menu bar, select folder options. Select the View tab in the folder options dialog box, put a checkmark in the 'hide extensions for known file types' box, and click the OK button. If the box was already checked, just close the folder options dialog box, without making any changes.

2) Create or open a folder, which will be the destination for the fonts you want to move or rename.

3) Open Windows search.

4) In Search, browse for the "look in' location C:\Windows\Fonts, but leave all other search fields empty, (you want the results to show all files in the C:\Windows\Fonts folder, but only fonts that are in that folder). Click search.

5) Open a Windows Explorer window of the C:\Windows\Fonts folder.

6) From the search results, select the fonts you want to move or rename, copy them, and paste to the destination folder. If you want to rename them before reinstallation, (ie: if you wanted the internal font names to match with the file names), do that with the copies in the destination folder, not the one installed in C:\Windows\Fonts.

Note that certain fonts cannot be renamed. On Win XP, they are the Tahoma family, (regular, bold, italic, and bold italic), Microsoft Sans Serif, whatever font is currently selected for the app Notepad, and any system fonts, which should have a different icon. The unrenameable fonts may vary between operating systems. You can't rename Tahoma on Win XP because it's the default font for text display. System fonts should never be renamed or removed. You can't select them in a word processing app either.

7) After renaming the fonts in the destination folder, check them by opening them in preview. If you see the text display at different point sizes, the font is fine. If the text display is visible when you open the font in preview from the C:\Windows\Fonts folder, but not in the destination folder, you did something wrong to the copy; delete the copy in the destination folder, and copy that font again from the search results to the destination folder.

8) Once you have successfully renamed fonts in the destination folder, go to the C:\Windows\Fonts window of Windows Explorer, (not the same listing in the search results). Select the fonts you have successfully renamed in the destination folder, and click the Uninstall button, to remove these from Installed fonts. You can then select and cut the renamed versions from the destination folder, and paste them back into C:\Windows\Fonts, to reinstall them, with a new or corrected file name. If you just want to remove the font from the Installed folder, to store it somewhere else, you may or may not want to rename it. In that case, you would keep the copy in the destination folder, delete the copy in C:\Windows\Fonts, then reinstall the font from the destination folder to C:\Windows\Fonts only if/when you plan to use that font in apps again, otherwise, it remains in the destination folder.

This procedure sequence should be the same for other Windows operating systems, but I can't give precise instructions.

They already have something like that here, Ava, the Font Identification forum, and statistics are kept here:

(the link to the stats page is immediately below the thumbnail graphics for "Latest requests".

for current month, and all time leaders.

I applaud your efforts to try to make the General Discussion forum more lively and interractive, instead of endless questions from people who have trouble installing a zip file, and the bottoms of fonts not appearing in text.

I think most font authors would like to receive more comments about their work. We had a forum thread a few years ago, where I critiqued most of the fonts by each of several authors, but few others did the same. It's here:

If that seems like fun to you, consider reviving the thread, with a new post.

Keep in mind that, if you like what a particular member posts in the forum, you can find all of their past forum posts, in chronological order from newest, through a link in the upper right, on their profile page. You'll also know how many fonts they've identified here, and which ones, if you click on the "identified X# fonts" link, and how many fonts they have hosted on dafont. The number of fonts listed is also a link to their portfolio hosted here.

26/11/2016 à 01:55  [réponse]  font please!

The shadow effect might not be part of the font. The font itself looks a lot like Bookman Old Style, stretched vertically.

Police suggérée : Bookman Old Style

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A greek house could mean a Fraternity/ Sorority building on a college campus, a columned building, such as the Parthenon, or green house, with typographical error. I was looking for a dingbat font of ancient buildings, but I couldn't find a good image, for custom text.

Police identifiée : Algerian

23/11/2016 à 20:59  [réponse]  Supergrass Logo

Crillee Italic Inline Shaded has some similarities.

If you had a larger image of the text portion, it would be helpful. The letters are only 23 pixels tall, including shadows. The shadows could also be a graphic design effect.

Something says to me Monotype foundry, early 1990's. Maybe that will help someone help you.

23/11/2016 à 20:17  [réponse]  Korean Pepsi Font

I don't know about Korean, but I'm pretty sure the Chinese Pepsi font would be named Bite the Wax Tadpole!

Added: My mistake, that one was Coca Cola.

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daaams a dit  
what's wrong with it ?

It's not free.

MissAshley, the problem is probably caused by the embedding settings used by the font author:

Without actually changing the settings with a font editing program, you may be able to produce a printable glyph this way:

1) Open the character map application, (charmap.exe). In earlier versions of Windows, the app itself is located in the System32 folder of the operating system, with a link in the start menu, (Accessories -> System Tools). You won't do any damage to your computer if you open this app directly from the operating system folder.

2) Select the font you want to use from the drop down list box in Character Map.

3) Double click the glyph(s) you want to use, to add them to the clipboard at the bottom of the Character Map app.

4) Select a glyph in the clipboard, and click the Copy button.

5) Paste the glyph into MS Word.

6) Select the pasted glyph, and adjust the point size.

7) Cross your fingers, and print.

This procedure worked some years ago on the Fantasy Clipart font by GemFonts, using Windows XP.

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These numbers appear to be hand drawn. Note the difference in width for the lower portion of the second five, (yellow line):

17/07/2016 à 06:40  [réponse]  JACK DANIELS

Police suggérée : Jasper Daniels

Police identifiée : Vineta

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