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Master Of Break

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Derika  16/01/2016
Very nice, thank you!
imagebypaper  18/01/2016
anywhere you can purchase this font?
MAWNS  18/01/2016
This is very nice :)
jchaunceydesign  20/01/2016
Gorgeous. Yes, can this be bought?
lucidthemag  21/01/2016
Would love to purchase this font, if available :)
StereoType  autor de Master Of Break   21/01/2016
Hello boys and girls,
Thanks a lot for your messages. Of course you can purchase the font right here :
rubbersoul79  26/01/2016
Never have a seen a font on here and gone OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHMG I am in love. This is gorgeous!!!
alrauun  27/01/2016
Hey guys, excellent font.

I need a suggestion for a font similar to that serif font you have used for "OF" and "THE", I would like to have the same style but in my language "of" and "the" are not used. Thanks.
DrewFLA  27/01/2016
Yeah when I downloaded and installed this font. Only uppercase works. Lowercase does not work for me....
Donkats  28/01/2016
esta hermosa!
Lancon  04/02/2016
Well, well Clement. You really did a wonderful work. The name really pointed it. You broke it.... and you are a master. See Mawns comment....Congratulations
laqra9  15/02/2016
Gorgeous!! may have to buy the commercial version when I get paid
jhw520  25/02/2016
When I use the font in Microsoft Word it works fine, but when I save the document as a PDF, the font gets cut off. Any idea why or how to fix this?
Nicole Abrazaldo  26/02/2016
@jhw520 how can you use the font in Microsoft word?
brixbarinas  27/02/2016
nice its attractive font.
kred  02/03/2016
This is really very well designed callipgraphy font.
Jorge Tamacas  04/03/2016
Gracias se ve muy bien :D
damienpod  07/03/2016
Really wonderful font!
alfidharmawan  10/03/2016
awesome font!!
Penguintron  11/03/2016
I registered to say thank you. This is nice.
Mabe72  11/03/2016
Just love this font! Kindo of retro yet very modern. Great! Thank you
H.DESIGN.FORCE  15/03/2016
good work
milloxd  18/03/2016
Hola , puedo usarla para un producto ???
una camiseta especificamente
por favor necesito una respuesta

Hello, I can use it for a product ???
specifically a T-shirt
please need an answer
mjgee2  22/03/2016
I'm also having problems with this in PDF, can this be fixed?
atmstudio  30/03/2016
Pdf's problems come from "personal use" version only. Simply purchase the commercial version.
milloxd : a "personal use" version is for "personal use". Not for a product to sell. For that purpose you need the commercial version.
StefanH  01/04/2016
Superbe police de caractère, très beau travail !
rosalinamg  14/04/2016
Lovely! Thank you!
Melfisher2000  14/04/2016
Please let me know if this font is available for commercial use. I would like to use it in my craft business.
brunsvick  21/04/2016
This is a fantastic font. Like it very much.
advena  10/05/2016
Your work is beautiful!
mbyk!  11/05/2016
waw it's verry verry's a great font....
Tonyia  18/05/2016
Beautiful.....Can I purchase this for commercial use?
uyyylaya  19/07/2016
Hi! I recently entered a contest, and used your typeface Master of Break. I wasn't aware that it was for personal use only when I downloaded it. I sincerely apologize for this. I was hoping to make amends by buying or donating for it if ever, as soon as the contest that I entered ends. Thank you very much!
knicoled719  20/07/2016
I would like to use your font commercially, however I went to the link you posted above and did not see the font for purchase. Could you please email the info for licensing?
harnish  15/08/2016
I would like to use your font commercially, however I went to your website and did not see the font for purchase. Can you please help me here?

Thanks You!
Jclay01  23/08/2016
Hi I too went to the site and didn't see your font but would also love information on how to purchase.
mmmeagannn  26/08/2016
Gorgeous font! Would love to purchase this for commercial use as well! Please email me at!
rahulsankarks  03/09/2016
Hi I too went to the site and didn't see your font. I would also love to purchase.
williamsld91704  08/09/2016
Hello, I too would like to purchase this font, please advise as it is not on the web page provided.
texannette59  08/09/2016
Hi, I'm having a problem printing this beautiful font in Word, it cuts off the bottom of the descenders when I use a large font...Can anyone help with this? I've tried changing the line shows on my screen as the whole font, but still prints only what would be above the line. I'm a novice, so I hope this makes sense!
texannette59  08/09/2016
Hi again! I noticed that the dafont now has an updated version, I downloaded that version and the problem is fixed!!!!! Thanks for making such a beautiful font!!
ddazet  24/09/2016
I would like to use your font commercially. Can you please email me info
cdcsdc96  25/09/2016
I went to your site and didn't see this particular font for purchase commercially...could you contact me at Thank you.
Lusl  03/10/2016
Hey :)

i would like to use this Font commercially. Can you contact me for more Information please? that would be great.

bauer.luisa@Web. de

friendly regards,
260513  07/10/2016
I went to your site and didn't see this font for purchase… I need it commercially... Could you please contact me at
Thank you !
HerrHeer  01/11/2016
Hi Clement,
I went to your site but couldn't purchase the font... I'd like to use it commercially. Could you please contact me at
Thank you !
cassius4493  07/11/2016
I'm not sure I understand, even though its says its 100% free you have to purchase it for commercial use? I'm new to this and i'm looking for fonts to use for commercial use. Someone please explain?
Lafar  08/11/2016
Change the description, if you need to buy it to use it it's not 100% free...
MissDB  13/12/2016
Bonjour, où et à quel prix peut-on acheter votre police ?
ZeroGrafics  30/06/2021
LOVELY font! TYSM for sharing!
SylviaRabitsch  31/03/2022
Hi, i would like to use this Font commercially. Can you contact me for more Information please? that would be great.
earlgrey_pl  05/05/2022
Hello, if the font can be used to do Alphabet Clip Art for sell? Where letters is saved as image (PNG file) with glitter/gold texture for example?

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