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Master Of Break

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Derika  16.01.2016
Very nice, thank you!
imagebypaper  18.01.2016
anywhere you can purchase this font?
MAWNS  18.01.2016
This is very nice :)
jchaunceydesign  20.01.2016
Gorgeous. Yes, can this be bought?
lucidthemag  21.01.2016
Would love to purchase this font, if available :)
StereoType  Autor von Master Of Break   21.01.2016
Hello boys and girls,
Thanks a lot for your messages. Of course you can purchase the font right here :
rubbersoul79  26.01.2016
Never have a seen a font on here and gone OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHMG I am in love. This is gorgeous!!!
alrauun  27.01.2016
Hey guys, excellent font.

I need a suggestion for a font similar to that serif font you have used for "OF" and "THE", I would like to have the same style but in my language "of" and "the" are not used. Thanks.
DrewFLA  27.01.2016
Yeah when I downloaded and installed this font. Only uppercase works. Lowercase does not work for me....
Donkats  28.01.2016
esta hermosa!
Lancon  04.02.2016
Well, well Clement. You really did a wonderful work. The name really pointed it. You broke it.... and you are a master. See Mawns comment....Congratulations
laqra9  15.02.2016
Gorgeous!! may have to buy the commercial version when I get paid
jhw520  25.02.2016
When I use the font in Microsoft Word it works fine, but when I save the document as a PDF, the font gets cut off. Any idea why or how to fix this?
Nicole Abrazaldo  26.02.2016
@jhw520 how can you use the font in Microsoft word?
brixbarinas  27.02.2016
nice its attractive font.
kred  02.03.2016
This is really very well designed callipgraphy font.
Jorge Tamacas  04.03.2016
Gracias se ve muy bien :D
damienpod  07.03.2016
Really wonderful font!
alfidharmawan  10.03.2016
awesome font!!
Penguintron  11.03.2016
I registered to say thank you. This is nice.
Mabe72  11.03.2016
Just love this font! Kindo of retro yet very modern. Great! Thank you
H.DESIGN.FORCE  15.03.2016
good work
milloxd  18.03.2016
Hola , puedo usarla para un producto ???
una camiseta especificamente
por favor necesito una respuesta

Hello, I can use it for a product ???
specifically a T-shirt
please need an answer
mjgee2  22.03.2016
I'm also having problems with this in PDF, can this be fixed?
atmstudio  30.03.2016
Pdf's problems come from "personal use" version only. Simply purchase the commercial version.
milloxd : a "personal use" version is for "personal use". Not for a product to sell. For that purpose you need the commercial version.
StefanH  01.04.2016
Superbe police de caractère, très beau travail !
rosalinamg  14.04.2016
Lovely! Thank you!
Melfisher2000  14.04.2016
Please let me know if this font is available for commercial use. I would like to use it in my craft business.
brunsvick  21.04.2016
This is a fantastic font. Like it very much.
advena  10.05.2016
Your work is beautiful!
mbyk!  11.05.2016
waw it's verry verry's a great font....
Tonyia  18.05.2016
Beautiful.....Can I purchase this for commercial use?
uyyylaya  19.07.2016
Hi! I recently entered a contest, and used your typeface Master of Break. I wasn't aware that it was for personal use only when I downloaded it. I sincerely apologize for this. I was hoping to make amends by buying or donating for it if ever, as soon as the contest that I entered ends. Thank you very much!
knicoled719  20.07.2016
I would like to use your font commercially, however I went to the link you posted above and did not see the font for purchase. Could you please email the info for licensing?
harnish  15.08.2016
I would like to use your font commercially, however I went to your website and did not see the font for purchase. Can you please help me here?

Thanks You!
Jclay01  23.08.2016
Hi I too went to the site and didn't see your font but would also love information on how to purchase.
mmmeagannn  26.08.2016
Gorgeous font! Would love to purchase this for commercial use as well! Please email me at!
rahulsankarks  03.09.2016
Hi I too went to the site and didn't see your font. I would also love to purchase.
williamsld91704  08.09.2016
Hello, I too would like to purchase this font, please advise as it is not on the web page provided.
texannette59  08.09.2016
Hi, I'm having a problem printing this beautiful font in Word, it cuts off the bottom of the descenders when I use a large font...Can anyone help with this? I've tried changing the line shows on my screen as the whole font, but still prints only what would be above the line. I'm a novice, so I hope this makes sense!
texannette59  08.09.2016
Hi again! I noticed that the dafont now has an updated version, I downloaded that version and the problem is fixed!!!!! Thanks for making such a beautiful font!!
ddazet  24.09.2016
I would like to use your font commercially. Can you please email me info
cdcsdc96  25.09.2016
I went to your site and didn't see this particular font for purchase commercially...could you contact me at Thank you.
Lusl  03.10.2016
Hey :)

i would like to use this Font commercially. Can you contact me for more Information please? that would be great.

bauer.luisa@Web. de

friendly regards,
260513  07.10.2016
I went to your site and didn't see this font for purchase… I need it commercially... Could you please contact me at
Thank you !
HerrHeer  01.11.2016
Hi Clement,
I went to your site but couldn't purchase the font... I'd like to use it commercially. Could you please contact me at
Thank you !
cassius4493  07.11.2016
I'm not sure I understand, even though its says its 100% free you have to purchase it for commercial use? I'm new to this and i'm looking for fonts to use for commercial use. Someone please explain?
Lafar  08.11.2016
Change the description, if you need to buy it to use it it's not 100% free...
MissDB  13.12.2016
Bonjour, où et à quel prix peut-on acheter votre police ?
ZeroGrafics  30.06.2021
LOVELY font! TYSM for sharing!
SylviaRabitsch  31.03.2022
Hi, i would like to use this Font commercially. Can you contact me for more Information please? that would be great.
earlgrey_pl  05.05.2022
Hello, if the font can be used to do Alphabet Clip Art for sell? Where letters is saved as image (PNG file) with glitter/gold texture for example?

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