Love Beard

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How do you get the heart in between the names??
justmesandi  30/10/2019
ro get the heart i think you had to buy the font
dgprodrigo  08/11/2019
Hi there!
Im also downloaded the font "love beard" from can find the heart between the names or letters, on Gliphs (adobe Ilustrator menu). Got 3 styles assets where you can replace the letter you want with the ones with the hearts.
Already sent both of you more info by email!
mightype  autore di Love Beard   09/11/2019
contact me via email
That you
melissa Lyte  11/11/2019
como fašo pra ficar iguala fonte ?esse coraš§es
I want to buy this font how do I do it so I can get the heart and swirls. Thank you
mightype  autore di Love Beard   14/11/2019
contact me via imail I explain there

Thanks you
rubees1  20/11/2019
this is such a pretty font! I understand this is a personal use font. could you explain more on how I am allowed to use it. How would I get the heart if I decide to download it?
rach2019  20/11/2019
how do you add the heart between names ?
mightype  autore di Love Beard   21/11/2019
contact me via email
Andreaxo  24/11/2019
Good morning!!
Please explain how to do the heart between names...Iĺd love to make this for my daughter, Many Thanks!!
mollymoomoo  28/11/2019
Can anyone shed some light on how to get the heart?
I've got windows 10 and can't see it. I've looked in character map too.
mightype  autore di Love Beard   01/12/2019
contact me via email

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