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Police identifiée : Nimbus Sans UltraLight

Make it bold - faux bold in your program

Police identifiée : Dulcelin

20/01/2022 à 14:51   TIPOGRAFIA?

That's the La Liga font. If you know someone working at La Liga or the football clubs in La Liga, then you might be able to get an original copy of the font. Otherwise there are many knock-offs of the font floating out there - free or for sale.

Police identifiée : La Liga

Police identifiée : Stardust Adventure

Police identifiée : Friz Quadrata Bold

Sakura matches Althea if you can italicize it in your program (faux italic). I can't find an italic or oblique version of Althea.

Police identifiée : Althea

29/12/2021 à 12:44   Peppermint Font

Police identifiée : Christmas Time

29/12/2021 à 12:38   What the font ?

Police identifiée : Ariston

Police identifiée : British Inserat

Police identifiée : The Dolbak Brush

21/12/2021 à 08:37   Post Secret Font

Use uppercase

Police identifiée : Diediedie

Police identifiée : Design System 900R

07/12/2021 à 05:47   BBM LOGO

Ayan sinagot ko kahit na KAKAMPINK ako

Police identifiée : Infinite Justice

04/12/2021 à 15:10   Font

Police identifiée : A little sunshine

That's the Adidas 2018 World Cup font

Police identifiée : Adidas World Cup 2018

Linotype Didot Bold | Didot LT Bold

Didot is a system font in Mac OS

Police identifiée : Didot

01/10/2021 à 18:50   Così fan tutte

Here's a free digitization of a Mecanorma dry transfer font by Dick Pape

Police identifiée : Via Face Don Black Lines

30/09/2021 à 04:05   what font is?

After Disaster matches the text but it does not have the shadow. The ~~~~ part does not match the weight of the font so it is likely that it was drawn.

Police identifiée : After Disaster

Bridge Type is a custom font designed for the UEFA Euro 2020 competition. See for info
There is no legit download for this font.

Police identifiée : Bridge Type

That is the Adidas font used during the 2014 World Cup. See

Police identifiée : Adidas 2014

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