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Jan 26, 2016 at 19:40  [reply]  Are Your Guys Font Copyright or No?

drf said  
If you wanted your fonts to be only free for personal use, why didn't you choose this license in the first place?

My fonts were intended to be free fonts and that is the license that I chosen here but I am not in agreement with the term "100% Free." I interpret "100% Free" as public domain and my fonts are not public domain. I also believe that that is how many treat fonts with that license. To avoid any misinterpretation, I opted for free for personal use. The fonts I released after the adoption of 100% Free here were released and tagged as Free for personal use.

Jan 26, 2016 at 17:11  [reply]  Are Your Guys Font Copyright or No?

drf said  
@QuiteGoneJin, it's the author who chooses the license category he/she wants when he/she submits his/her font.

True and False.

True. The author chooses the category.

False because 100% Free is a recent addition. All fonts tagged as Free were unilaterally changed by the site to %100 Free when it was introduced. All my fonts were tagged before as Free but I had it changed to Free for Personal Use after 100% Free was introduced. I do not like what the term 100% Free implies.

Feb 08, 2014 at 08:25  [reply]  Adidas 2014 World Cup type

I believe that Adidas WC2014 (long name for a font) is better than the suggested font. Unfortunately, it is only a demo that you can get at

Jun 26, 2013 at 21:44  [reply]  Fontlab nodes

The answer is still the same, it is all about integer and decimal, and nodes must be located on a unit (integer).

Note that your line is diagonal. If you place a node somewhere between the two nodes of the straight line, the place where you want the node added will likely not fall on a unit. Although you are not actually placing a node on the straight line, aligninhg the node at the end of the curve to that line is practically doing that.

IMO the node at the end of the curve should be the node that should be moved and aligned to the line instead of the node at the end of the line. Move that node up or down by one unit and then move it one unit towards your "guide" line. You need to find on what position of the diagonal line falls exactly on a unit. You might even need to shift the 2 straight lines right or left. You can reshape the curve to what it was before when you have the node in place.

If you want to play some more, use guidelines. Create a diagonal guideline using the same angle as your line. Create a vertical and a horizontal guideline. Move the horizontal and vertical guidelines and find out where the three guidlines intersect. That location is where the node at the end of your curve should be. When you move the guidelines, make it one unit at a time so that you won't stray too far from the current position of the node. The vertical and horizontal guidelines' position is always an integer.

One other thing, is that straight line simply a line or a curve? If you did not intend it to be a curve make sure it is a line. Select the straight line (shift+click), right click on it and choose "Convert" -> "To Lines". It might have an effect on your difficluty in aligning if that's a curve instead of a line. Also, if those lines have control vectors/points, then it is not really a line but a curve.

BTW you will also see problems similar to this when you are merging objects if the place where the objects meet has a diagonal line or a curve.

Jun 25, 2013 at 22:18  [reply]  Fontlab nodes

@JeremyWoods if you are referring to an outline imported from Illustrator, Fontlab will insist that nodes exactly fall on a unit. That is what usually causes the distortions when importing outlines from Illustrator or from a vector file. This is what Claude referred to when he mentioned integer (whole numbers) and decimal (with values in the decimal places). I've seen someone somewhere (can't remember) showed that floating points is possible but this is with respect to control points and not nodes.

@fmontpetit That is correct. Your maximum work area (ascender to descender) is 1000 units vertically on a 1000 UPM and 2400 units on a 2400 UPM if you want to get the correct line height. You can go over the number of units (for a given UPM) when drawing the font but you will end up with extra large glyphs or the line height will become too large to prevent avoid in Windows. And you won't hear Fontlab complain.

Oct 24, 2012 at 20:16  [reply]  Selling a font

Do not assume. Ask them. If it so happens that they have a factory in China or they have subcontractors there, it is very likely that the font is installed in more than one computer. You will be surprised at the number you will get.

Ask them the number of seats. If they do not know what seats mean, then ask them the number of computers the font will be installed, and then make your decision. You should make up your mind as to what the base price of your font is then multiply it by the number of seats or the number of computers where the font is to be installed. The base price for a multi-seat license is usually lower than the base price for a license to a single font. How much lower? Lower by 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%... that's all up to you. Do not be surprised if you come close to at least 10% of what your friend at Adidas told you. It really depends on what your base price for your font is. Do some research on prices of commercial fonts with comparable designs to get your base price.

Oct 24, 2012 at 08:13  [reply]  Selling a font

koeiekat said  
Did I mumble anything about "single computer"? Try to learn to read.

I know how to read and I believe I am able to comprehend what I read. My parents did not make sure that I go through college for nothing.

Yes, you did not mention "single computer" but neither did you mention any number of computers. I did not see the original poster ever mentioned how many computers the font is going to be installed. All he said is that it is a company with several clothing lines. May I know what is your basis for coming out with $500 and also for the big drop to $200? If the asking price of $500 is based on solid data, why the need to drop to $200? If people here treats making fonts as a business or to make money, then that's a very, very bad way of doing it. Something that is usually done by fly-by-night operations ran by shady people.

If your figure was made without basis, then I believe that that is a very irresponsible statement and you are sending the wrong signals to people who make free "for personal use" fonts here. People here might start asking something that might push them out of the market. Remember that there are many fonts at MyFonts and other commercial font vendors of comparable design that are priced much less than that and probably of the same quality.

As for me, all my crappy fonts are free to use but I show my appreciation to those who were very unfortunate to have clicked on the donate button of my fonts. However, if an opportunity like that comes my way, I am going to quote them a price based on the formula I earlier posted regardless of whether the font is used for the title of the next big Hollywood movie or on toilet paper to wipe.... Got the drift? There's no discrimination on font usage, it is the computer count that matters. I suggest that you read the EULA that comes with commercial fonts that you might have purchased if ever you paid for the commercial fonts that might be found on your computer.

I believe that you are a matured person and I do hope that you will be as responsible as you are matured, in your statements as well as your behavior in this forum.

Oct 19, 2012 at 21:08  [reply]  Selling a font

koeiekat said  
OK, site is up again. Tks malvolio for checking.

As your font has been around for more than 6 years and as such is far from an exclusive, I suggest you ask for $500 for the use of our font by this company and in the end settle for 200 as a minimum.

Hope this helps.

If you can ask that much money for the use a personal use only free font, I better change the license of my fonts.

IMO that is too much for the use of a font on a single computer.

Oct 18, 2012 at 19:30  [reply]  Selling a font

Go to Myfonts. Look at the price of the fonts there that are similar to yours. Get their average. And you got a price for yours. if your font is better than what is there, give yours a premium. If it took you over a year to draw the font and refine it to perfection, give your font a bigger premium.

If they want to install the font in more than one computer, ask them to pay you a site license. Let us say you allow your font to be used on two computers, then if it is is installed in more than 2 computers they have to get a site license. How to get the price...

number of computers x (price of font - discount) = site license

You need to give them a discount as they are paying you for more than one font. The more computers your font is installed the bigger the discount becomes. If you are in good spirits, give them a 100% discount. Anyway it is a free font!

If they do not want to pay, sue them for software piracy.

Jan 20, 2012 at 11:07  [reply]  Font submission guidelines

I got accustomed to the a-day-after-submission approval for the 27 fonts I submitted that I thought it is the way it is done here. It is very assuring to know that sometimes it takes a little more time.

Thank you both for the info.

Jan 20, 2012 at 09:17  [initial post]  Font submission guidelines

I know that it is the site's prerogative as to what fonts it allows but is there a guideline as to what fonts are acceptable here at DaFont?

I submitted HFF Pessoas Lindas ( see ) two days ago. I still have not received a confirmation so I assumed it was rejected because I get a confirmation a day after I submitted all my other fonts. I have no problem with that. It just so happened that Pessoas Lindas, together with Light Petals ( ), are my favorites from among the fonts that I did. Too bad that Pessoas Lindas is not acceptable here.

I am planning to do a few more fonts to, in my small way and limited font making ability, help fill in the blanks in the Solopedia at alt.binaries.fonts (See for the online version.) I want to know the rules so that I can screen myself the fonts that I am submitting to make life a bit easier for the editors here at DaFont.

I want to make it cliear that this is not a complaint only a request for clarification.


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