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Apr 10, 2013 at 19:57  [reply]  impossible to install

Can you access the Main Hard Drive?
If so, it’s may be possible to simply drop the files at the right place. I remember being in school and i wasn’t actually able to install a font, but there was a weird bug, so i could copy paste the file into the folder. hope that helps. If not, create a new account (google for: lost my password) and give yourself administration rights. =) illegal but possible.

Oh Koeiekat i love you!! You are so great in making people think for themselves! I just figured out, that Word uses only the Truetype Ascenders no matter what you do on the Glyph-Window. This is brilliant! Now i am finally able to make fonts work in Word too. Though i probably won’t redo the rest of my fonts anyways. =) But hey thanks a lot for your contribution to my future work.

Bless you!

The font example isn't complete, therefore i need the missing letters.


My Totals are unremarkable, but i found out that it's very useful to do updates. Updates are shown on the main page and will be downloaded a lot more than all the other fonts. Of course you don't have to change a lot of the font if you don't want to.

Jun 29, 2010 at 16:51  [reply]  Look at each others fonts...

@ daaams: Thanks for giving me the idea of how to do a grunge font i've been working my ass off always trying to redraw and scan if i have to do a REAL grungy headlines (downloading isn't funny to do ). But don't worry i'm not interested in uploading anything i've not entirely created on my own (of course with certain inspirations "<3 Dax" :/).

@ metaphasebrothel: I was commenting some of your work and i sometimes was a bit lost for words because it's very experimental and therefore very interesting and catchy. I only did phat otto because my friends told me that helvedding isn't readable (it's not readable but i like that). On phat otto i discovered the "metrics", i didn't know anything about metrics when i was doing the helvedding. Still the phat otto is better for big sizes because small sizes aren't spaced enough. Thanks for the comments i'll do a "read me" next time.

besides how can i allow embedding? (sorry noobish question)

Jun 25, 2010 at 09:15  [reply]  Look at each others fonts...

@metaphasebrothel: You seem to be giving very sophisticated critics. I like that. Unfortunately i have only two fonts yet. I saw your artwork and may be you could like this homepage (it's a friend of mine). Your fonts are great, i wonder how it would look like, when you typeset a page of the national geographic in those glyphs. You know there was a guy who once typeset an interview in Wingdings, it looked fun – FixCystNeon looks very innovative to me, what were your inspirations?

«A picture is worth more than a thousand words»

@metaphasebrothel: First thanks for the link. I know that i have very few downloads, that's why i want to improve. «Billy Argel» is clearly out of my league. Don't compare Mozart to a student of Salieri. That's ridiculous.

@koeiekat: Thanks! I'll give it a shot next time.

@ JasonArthur: thanks for the warn welcome!

@ koeiekat: First thanks for the reply. I know what my inspirations are. A simple "useful" or "useless" would be nice (explanatory statement is optional)

@ vinz: Thanks for point 2 and point 3. And to point 1: I did mention it in the authors note of the «helvedding».

Actually i was only hoping for constructive criticism to improve my future work. (I don't have the money to pay typografy-lessons, how to hell could i have money for a lawyer?)

Jun 23, 2010 at 11:57  [initial post]  Comments, adds and bootlegging websites

First i'm interested, why i don't get comments on my Fonts. I've got about 10'000 Downloads on both of my fonts but no comments. I assume 10 thousand is just to less, for i've got hardly about 100 downloads a day.

Second i'm interested, if those adds i placed are seen and how much clicks they generate. I'm not aware of how many clicks they actually generate and how many people just download from the list.

And then i would like to know, what i can do about those bootlegging websites like and all those useless converted downloadlinks of my original fonts, which look horrible if you use them. Because they don't even have the dignity to uphold the data format (otf) they always change into a useless second class format (ttf).

Any help here would be very appreciated!

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