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frd  Mar 28, 2013
Wow, this font is just amazing ! Awesome job !
LaurenRuth  author of Xiomara   Mar 28, 2013
@drf_ - Thank you so much, that means a lot to me. I am glad you like it. :D
mv118  Mar 29, 2013
I wuv this font! Thank U =D
simpley beyond awesome!
LaurenRuth  author of Xiomara   Mar 30, 2013
@mv118 You are welcome, thank you, I am glad you like it. :)
Chloe5972  Apr 03, 2013
Perfect font for digiscrap !! ;-)
LaurenRuth  author of Xiomara   Apr 04, 2013
@Chloe5972 Thank you :)
theautumnrabbit  Apr 04, 2013
beautiful font!
LaurenRuth  author of Xiomara   Apr 05, 2013
@theautumnrabbit - Thanks so much, I am glad you like it :)
winty5  Apr 13, 2013
I'm really enjoying this one! It reminds me of mixing a typewriter font and a script. Awesome!
LaurenRuth  author of Xiomara   Apr 16, 2013
@winty5 -Thank you, I am glad you like it :)
gojuldeb  May 26, 2013
Graceful but readable, perfect for scrapbooking! You are a talented lady. Blessings!
LaurenRuth  author of Xiomara   May 27, 2013
@gojuldeb - Thank you so much :)
ChristTrekker  Feb 07, 2014
I very much appreciate the extended character support here. Sooo many free fonts cover Basic Latin, some punctuation, and that's it. To get so many accented chars, plus Greek and Cyrillic, and in such a good-looking script, is really wonderful!

I'd love to see additional symbols/dingbats though. This is the sort of typeface someone would simulate a girl's handwriting with, so matching doodles like (e.g.) ♡⚘⛤❌⭕💘 would be really cool.
LaurenRuth  author of Xiomara   Feb 28, 2014
@ChristTrekker - Thank you so much, I am glad you appreciate the font :)

Special symbols and dingbats as you suggest would be a great idea, I would definitely consider creating and adding such characters on an update.

Thanks again,
lazybagel  Jun 13, 2014
This is amazing! Do you mind if I use this for my blog? I can also give you all the credit and link it back to you. :)
ChristTrekker  Jul 09, 2014
@PseudoNympho - I see you've released a v1.4. Very nice! Glad to see you revisit your existing designs.
ChristTrekker  Aug 26, 2014
If you're taking requests for "doodles", I can imagine these being useful and/or think they'd look really neat in this style: ⁂⁇⁈⁉ ⃝ ⃞ ⃟ ⃠ ↖↗↘↙⇐⇑⇒⇓⇔⇕⇖⇗⇘⇙ ∞ ⌘⌚⌛⎃⏳ ☁☮☹☺☼☽☾♀♁♂♡♢♤♧⚠⚭⛅⛆⛈⛤ ✓✝✡✨❀❄❇❌❣❤➰➳➿ ⟵⟶⟷ ⭕ ⸘⸮ 🌛🌜🌞🌟🌠🌣🌤🌥🌦🌧🌩🌲🌳🌷🌹🎔🎜🎝🎵🎶🏵🐱💓💔💕💖💗💘💙💚💛💜 😇😈😉😊😋😌😍😗😘😙😚😛😜😝 🙰🙵
xio123  Sep 10, 2014
The font is so wonderful. cool thing is that my name is xiomara xD and the font make the name even cooler.
LaurenRuth  author of Xiomara   Jan 02, 2015
@lazybagel Thank you. Yes you may use it in your blog. I do request a donation for commercial use and for web embedding.
LaurenRuth  author of Xiomara   Jan 02, 2015
@ChristTrekker Thanks you for noticing, I am glad you like it. And thank you for the character suggestions, I will consider adding some of those in future fonts and updates, they are neat and could useful too.
LaurenRuth  author of Xiomara   Jan 02, 2015
@xio123 Thank you so much for the kind words on my font, but I think it goes the other way around, your beautiful name makes the font look cooler. :) I've always thought Xiomara was a lovely name, and I think it suits this font nicely. :)
tiffanypelton  Jan 03, 2015
silly question, but how do i use this font? Ive downloaded and im not able to use  Feb 24, 2015
hello Lauren!
what donation proper for commercial use? and what docs (or what else) confirm that i can use this font?
carolsisson  Mar 08, 2015
Beautiful! Love it!
SY21  Jun 01, 2015
This font would be perfect for a word art design I have planned...What is the standard donation to use it please?
lyrek  Nov 16, 2015
Love this font and had same question as others. What is suggested donation for commercial use?
leidedaiane85  Apr 06, 2016
Good afternoon, I really enjoyed your font , I wonder what it takes to use it to write Custom Art for the name of my business ? I'm from Brazil and I'm opening a Custom Art business and would like to use your sources is possible ?

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