Velocette à  by K. Steens
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bumbayo  Sep 13, 2010
Nice Work, Congrat!!!!
Can't find a contact address or any information on usage of this font. Any help?
nadiabuccolieri  May 26, 2011
Can this font be use commercial?
leah-d  Nov 15, 2011
Same question as nadia, please can you tell us if we can use it for commercial purposes ?!!
Thank you !
aquafloe  Nov 17, 2011
Same as leah-d and nadia. :)
I'd love to be able to use this commercially, but I'm not sure if I can. Anybody know?
leothestrokes  Jan 23, 2013
hi i would like to use the font on my band logo , any info on usage ?
castrol  Feb 04, 2013
I am interested in using the Velocette font for a commercial card. I would like to know if it it's royalty free font and if not its cost.

Best regards

Raquel Benchaya
merkinmuffley10  Apr 25, 2013
I'm interested in using Velecotte font for commercial use. If you could please contact me at that would be greatly appreciated.

Ben6000  Aug 26, 2013
Greetings fontlings,

Below, you'll find the copyright information, which is embedded in the font file. The website is inactive and I'm not eager to try the E-mailaddress (contact till 2000). I suppose, this is as good as it gets. Good luck.


K.Steens `99 +++ www.bold‐ [coming soon] +++ contact till 2000: mail to
willy7wicked  Sep 27, 2013
We would like to use velocette as a base to a commercial logo. Please could you let us know if it is possible? email:
hannahgranger  Mar 20, 2014
You probably can use it. Just use the 'Bold Designs'Logo from the font set, you can see it where it shows the different letters to credit them. At least that's what I did.
grafika360  Jul 01, 2014
I'm interested in using Velecotte font for commercial use. Any answer from the owner?  Sep 24, 2014
Newbie question: How do I get letters to create the tail I see on the letter "e" ?

nknappe  Dec 08, 2014
The website of the creator is now
citadel  Mar 16, 2016
Good news everyone, the Author responded via email below:


the Velocette font is completely free - for private and commercial use!
I made it 18 years ago in a study project and released it as public domain.

Karsten Steens
bold design []

Would like to buy license to use this font for commercial logo design use.
Please share author contact info.

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