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Jonathan Paquette  Nov 10, 2006
J'ai le goût d'aller prendre une marche. Cool font!
fernvern  Nov 11, 2006
i loveeeeee it!
naminè the witch  Nov 11, 2006
cooooool lol
marty666  Nov 13, 2006
sympa! à quand une fonte complète (caps et bas de casse) ?
StereoType  Nov 14, 2006
mwarf ! Et avec des ligatures, de l'OpenType et tout et tout !
loldu069  Nov 20, 2006
trop cool g toutes selle qui l'a fait allez voir
fais en encore
lothaire  Nov 22, 2006
yep trop de la balle de la mort qui tue ! hum...
doreen  Nov 24, 2006
so good ~~
annaOMline  Nov 24, 2006
Good grunge style font. Congrats, your font has its own personality.
julivis  Nov 24, 2006
legal, tem o estilo bacana Oo
sccrmoose  Nov 24, 2006
love it but how do i use it for "personal use" ??
lothaire  Nov 25, 2006
sccrmoose > you have only to download the font and you only can use it for you, not for a company or an association.
idiotdoc  Nov 25, 2006
love this font!!!
-- Runaway Rebel*  Nov 30, 2006
My freak! It's beautiful.

You have a very nice taste in style.

I notice most of your fonts that you've made are alike in some form or another.

I really like the fonts you've made, And/or will make.
Keep up the awesome work. For the sake of us font lovers that is. ;]
scar  Dec 02, 2006
Pas mal, bon travail :)
gragoury  Jan 17, 2007
Travail de grande qualité et en énorme quatité, bravo ^^
lebossdu44  Jan 28, 2007
=0 * Ettoné * Super T'on Script !!
Cyanide  Feb 13, 2007
bok gibi
azucarnegra  Feb 16, 2007
f***ing cool!
j!GokU sHoUJo  Feb 20, 2007
This font is really great!! Love it! Good job :)
marty666  Feb 20, 2007
vue aujourd'hui dans un magazine de "jacky tuning" reçu au boulot, pour une pub de jantes ou de boost-bass woofer chépakoi là...
3tailer  Apr 16, 2007
DipperDipper  Apr 17, 2007
Jessiicaa  Apr 20, 2007
Megahhh Gwrrdd FOntt!!! =] -ox
slw3stacy  May 03, 2007
Your style it really unique--Keep it up! I'm a fan.
xOMGJodiieBabyy  May 08, 2007
One of my favourite fonts to use on bebo skins.

Really quite a good font!!

I would defenitely like to see some of it's individuality put into some more fonts..

Keep it up..

Loz  May 21, 2007
Cool! =D
theguywhocriedwolf  Jun 11, 2007
Like fine wine. You always want one more sip of this font.
newtown  Jun 28, 2007
This is THE best font EVER.
You are the best font maker ever.
Congrats dude.
doomshock  Jul 01, 2007
dammm!! thats nice
clodette  Jul 06, 2007
I love your fonts and I would like to use it.
It would be for a french magazine which treats about fashion and customisation, "Detournements de Mode".
Can you tell me if I can buy it and how much is it ?
Thank you !
hollywoodhorse  Jul 19, 2007
sweet font...2nd best font ever...
Schwalbenkoenig  Jan 18, 2008
Logo-font for the iPhone-game »Finger Fracture«:
JamesRandom  Feb 02, 2008
this isn't your font, dude. creator:

Stop stealing sheep.
Gyom Séguin  author of Sidewalk   Feb 04, 2008
I don't know why you are saying that, I really admire Misprinted Type's fonts, but this is my creation for sure!
adipex buy  Apr 15, 2008
roarnicky  Sep 01, 2008
I freaking love this font.
It's so creepy, yet almost "refined" in a way.
I enjoy using it.
ayuvivian  Nov 12, 2008
lucianamorin  Apr 23, 2009
"It's so creepy, yet almost "refined" in a way."

I agree, beaultiful font style!
EnjoyIncubus  Aug 23, 2009
Yo, nice font! I want to use for my band's album cover but I have vista, any way you could make it work?
morlockiness  Oct 22, 2009
I wanted to potentially use this font for a school project that will potentially be added to my portfolio. Please email me your usage terms, any information I may need, and questions if you have them - Hope to hear from you soon.
aminehip  Jan 07, 2010
kiydiro ykhadmo hadchi ??
Rain1  Dec 17, 2010
Nice font. I like to play with them and use different to underline some points in the text. I've recently found out that it is possible to create fonts on your own. Here is the video where it is shown how: . It seems to be pretty easy. I think it is cool!
Tomkins  Jun 20, 2011

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