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MoazzamNoor  Jun 20, 2008
Hmmm what i have to say, File is Croupt, or i cant able to download it, coz its already 3days am trying but no use, i got only 35kb file,
JasonArthur  author of Rough Typewriter   Jul 21, 2008
I just checked it and it downloads fine. Maybe there was a system glitch when you tried it? Thanks!

-- J
VanZoeren  Oct 28, 2008
I love this font
I'm actually using it in my Typography class. The assignment focuses solely on the typeface to 'sell' it to the public. Basically I'm advertising for you font!
However, I need to know when you made it if its possible. Maybe a little bit about the purpose of why you made it.
Can you help me out?
thanks so much
JasonArthur  author of Rough Typewriter   Nov 03, 2008
Hey VanZoeren. I made Rough Typewriter as a font that I could use for my Comicbook lettering purposes (for when a book calls for a typewriter font to be used in captions). I wanted to have it so that when you type double characters that they would appear offset a bit (kind of like a really old typewriter would shift from time to time). I wanted the characters to appear as if they were worn and old as well, giving this font a more rustic appearance.

I'm glad you like it and would love to hear more about the assignment in your typography class.


-- J
JasonArthur  author of Rough Typewriter   Nov 03, 2008
Oh and I forgot to tell you when I made it. It was earlier this year. Maybe June? I forget the exact date. I used a combination of tool: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and FontLab 4.


-- J
Mistress M  Nov 20, 2008
Love typewriter fonts and your's is great...looks good no matter how it's used! Thanks!
JasonArthur  author of Rough Typewriter   Nov 21, 2008
Thanks Mistress M!
akie  Jun 05, 2009
hi, i love this font!
and is that ok to use this for commercial purposes?
is there any regulation?
JasonArthur  author of Rough Typewriter   Aug 15, 2009
Please read the attached license. It's free for all indy use, but if you make a profit from it I ask for donations. It's donationware.


-- J
kristen-ju  Aug 20, 2009

We have encounter a problem with this font when using Adobe Illustrator CS2.. we don't seem to see the accent of "" and only for this letter (both capitalized and not). it works fine on my computer but on my coworker's it is not shown..
JasonArthur  author of Rough Typewriter   Aug 30, 2009
CS2 has a lot of glyph problems from what I've been able to glean. I used CS2 for about a week and discovered that it wasn't keeping otf kerning. I upgraded to CS3 and problem was solved. For the character in my font: use the GLYPH palette to locate the glyph you need. Usually I just type ALT + E and then hit E again (or e for lowercase).


-- J
rlyalya  Mar 26, 2010
so if you're not making a profit with what it is used for, it doesn't count as commercial use? so something like a banner is okay?
JasonArthur  author of Rough Typewriter   Mar 27, 2010
Correct. Enjoy!
austin01  Oct 07, 2010
Hi, I would also use this font in a poster designs. what are the restrictions / license fee? how to download it?
JasonArthur  author of Rough Typewriter   Oct 11, 2010
Hi austin01. The font is free for personal use and any commercial use requires a licensing fee. Fee free to contact me: for more info.
EatingGlueIsFun  Feb 27, 2011

I was just wondering if you would count using your font on a youtube channel as commercial use? It is in my logo, but it is not a business logo.
JasonArthur  author of Rough Typewriter   Mar 01, 2011
Hey EatingGlue... have at it. If you're not making money on it then it's fair use.
catwoman1  May 27, 2011
JasonArthur - I love your font, but I want to make wedding tags and sell them. How could I go about this. I am new to downloading fonts, I haven't done it before. Or to use them like this do I have to purchase it. If you are online, please could you let me know - or does anyone else have any advice?
JasonArthur  author of Rough Typewriter   May 27, 2011
Hey Catwoman, I sent you an email, but in case you read this first: yes, I require a licensing fee for all commercial usages of my fonts. I accept PayPal to use ID:

treegraffiti  Dec 12, 2011
just that I love typewriter fonts in general and really love yours
JasonArthur  author of Rough Typewriter   Jan 28, 2012
thanks treegraffiti!
HumbleBumble B  Feb 01, 2012
Love this font, but wondering if I can turn off the feature that blacks out the second vowel, when there are two vowels in a row? I like the look for some things, but I am working on a project that would look better without the blacked out letters. When I use this font in Word, it doesn't black them out and I like the look. Photohop and InDesign, however blacks them out automatically. Any suggestions for turning this feature off? And thanks for the great font!
JasonArthur  author of Rough Typewriter   Feb 05, 2012
In Adobe Illustrator (which I imagine works the same way as Photoshop and InDesign) there's an Opentype Palette (Window>Type>Opentype). Once in that palette you can click a little drop down arrow and uncheck any ligature options (mine defaults to Standard Ligatures). If that doesn't work, let me know and I'll send you a version in .ttf format whcih has no ligature options.
wendymangan  Aug 22, 2012
Is this font available in .ttf? The program I'm using will only let me access that file type. Thank you very much ... this is my favorite typewriter font!
JasonArthur  author of Rough Typewriter   Aug 26, 2012
Thanks Wendy, I've emailed it to you.
heatherhammar  Aug 28, 2012
Hi- Can I use this for an Etsy banner? Thanks
JasonArthur  author of Rough Typewriter   Sep 02, 2012
Sure Heather, please email me:
bokubob  Jan 21, 2013
In OS X, all four versions show up as "Regular" style, with the same name, so I can't find a way to pick the version I want, at least in CS 4. Can this be modified?
JasonArthur  author of Rough Typewriter   Jan 21, 2013
that's odd. Mine shows up as Italic, Regular, Bold and Bold Italic. I'm using CS3 and OS X. Maybe it's a CS4 issue? Any other fonts show up the same way? Try installing a few of my other fonts too maybe? Perhaps if they all do that then I need to modify the font file somehow. Thanks!
amywesty  Feb 08, 2013
I use PSE 10.0. When I download all the typewriter fonts (bold, regular, italic, etc), it downloads all 4 types. But when I go to work with them in PSE10, only one shows up and it's the italics version....
JasonArthur  author of Rough Typewriter   Feb 08, 2013
I just submitted an update to the font which should resolve your problem. If you'd like to email me though I'd be glad to send you the update directly:
amywesty  Feb 10, 2013
the fix work, thank you Jason!
JasonArthur  author of Rough Typewriter   Feb 10, 2013
my pleasure, thanks for bringing it to my attention.
DavidBrennan  Feb 28, 2013
Thank you for this perfect typewriter font (most others seem a bit too stylized and hard to read, in my opinion). Thanks again and God bless!
JasonArthur  author of Rough Typewriter   Mar 02, 2013
thanks David!
cliveaffleck  Feb 07, 2014
I am a bit of computer illeterate.
I have desperately been trying to download rough typewriter onto my computer. I would like it to appear in my fonts on microsoft word. However all i seem to have done is download documents with the font on in word pad?
Do these documents contain the programme to down load the font if so what do i do next?
Thanking you in anticipation.
JasonArthur  author of Rough Typewriter   Feb 11, 2014
Not sure how to answer that one. Normally you download a font and then put it into a FONTS folder in your main drive. I use a Mac, so I'm not sure how it works for you. There's a HELP/FAQ on the main page of DaFont though. Good place to start.
shibut  Jul 23, 2014
Great font, Jason. Thanks!
aaronbrink  Nov 13, 2014
When I use this font in the program "Pages" on my macbook (running OSX Yosemite), if I try to print or export as PDF, the font becomes distorted. It shrinks and stretches out.

Any recommended fixes?
hippyjon  Nov 24, 2014
Hi Jason.
Was this not originally 4 fonts? What happened to Bold? There is only bold italic now....

Love this font so much I bought the license :)
ShadowQueen280  Jan 11, 2015
I hope you still check this Jason!
I absolutely love this font and it's the best one I've found anywhere! But just like Wendy in 2012, I am unable to use it as a .otf and I was wondering if you could send me the .ttf
Thank you so much! I hope you see this!
ShadowQueen280  Jan 11, 2015
Never mind! I totally fixed it.
Thanks again! Love this font :)
MariaSdlMM  Jan 21, 2019
Hey Jason, I have been using your font for long, but now that I need to download it again, I cannot find the BOLD version. Heeeeeelp!!
jordiprenafeta  Aug 22, 2022
Hey, Jason! Great font! Very realistic!
I'd like to know in which font size should it be composed to be like a real typewritter.
By the way, could you please reveal which typewriter did you base this font family?

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