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Tangerine789  Jan 18, 2011
Is this the same artist that created Jellyka Western Princess?
hanoded  author of Quid Pro Quo   Jan 18, 2011
Nope, this is the same artist that created Quilted Butterfly and All Over Again (to name a few).
abloomingflower  Jan 21, 2011
OMG! I take latin... What for What!!!! Did you know that?
hanoded  author of Quid Pro Quo   Jan 21, 2011
Yeah, I know! Good that you noticed!
hurtbythesun  Jan 28, 2011
I've got a few of your fonts in my library and this is now one of my favourites.

PS: Quid pro quo means 'This for that'.
hanoded  author of Quid Pro Quo   Jan 28, 2011
hurtbythesun: thank you!

and, yes, I know my Latin: check out the postcard which you will find when you check the glyphs in the font: it mentions what Quid Pro Quo means!
Djeeneba  Feb 02, 2011
Archi bIEN
michaelward94  Feb 11, 2011
saji  Feb 18, 2011
nice font!
itssoonicole  Mar 05, 2011
Nice looking font.
Do you know what the other font on the post card is?
The one that says "carte postale".
jonothan8  Mar 03, 2015
The lower case y is cut off in my download - or is that just me? Great font though.

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