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flberger  Mar 02, 2014
nokiafc22.txt says:

"This is a free font/file, distribute as you wish to who you wish. Do NOT sell this font within a CD or any other media; it's not yours and you can't make money of it."

To me that prevents inclusion in any product that may make money, e.g. as a game asset.
zeh  author of Nokia Cellphone FC   Sep 16, 2014
Just to clarify, you can use this font in any software you want, e.g. a game. Just don't sell the font, as in, "1000 fonts in this CD!". This is mostly a leftover from when people would gather free assets online and sell them in magazines.
methodstudios  Jul 28, 2015

Hi Fernando,

Could you please confirm that this font can be used for a title card in a feature film with international distribution?


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Method Studios
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HomerJC  May 24, 2016
This font is being used on
May be wrong use

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