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flberger  02/03/2014
nokiafc22.txt says:

"This is a free font/file, distribute as you wish to who you wish. Do NOT sell this font within a CD or any other media; it's not yours and you can't make money of it."

To me that prevents inclusion in any product that may make money, e.g. as a game asset.
zeh  autor de Nokia Cellphone FC   16/09/2014
Just to clarify, you can use this font in any software you want, e.g. a game. Just don't sell the font, as in, "1000 fonts in this CD!". This is mostly a leftover from when people would gather free assets online and sell them in magazines.
methodstudios  28/07/2015

Hi Fernando,

Could you please confirm that this font can be used for a title card in a feature film with international distribution?


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Method Studios
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HomerJC  24/05/2016
This font is being used on
May be wrong use
zeh  autor de Nokia Cellphone FC   28/10/2019

Sorry, maybe that statement sounds too restrictive. I meant that the font itself shouldn't be in a collection of software being sold. This is to try and prevent people from selling fonts that they simply download from other sites. I guess this was a thing 10 years ago, hah.

It's 100% ok to use this font on a game or other media that is sold for other purposes like videos, computer applications, etc.
Veiiorra  14/09/2021
fancy stuff

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