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watson52  May 09, 2016
How do you separate to use this font?
woodcutter  author of Monogramos   May 10, 2016
"Monograms" font is a typography, can not be separated without an editing program (illustrator, etc...)
mekindle  Jun 27, 2016
I have tried breaking the text in two programs. Is this the way to do it? I have used Corel Break Text. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!
BaileyM  Jul 12, 2016
Are your fonts free for commercial use as well?
woodcutter  author of Monogramos   Jul 13, 2016
Yes BaileyM, Monogramos Font is 100% free, you can use it:)
NatalieB  Jul 16, 2016
I can't get this to pull up in my fonts after installing. Any idea why?
teeconnelly  Aug 03, 2016
I have a Mac and I would love to know how to separate this font on my Cricut Explorer Air. Thanks so much.
mekindle  Sep 24, 2016
So basically this is of no use without editing software?
jodyjack2  Oct 23, 2016
I downloaded this font AFTER I donated to the author. Lesson learned. I can see why the author made it 100% free to use even for commercial use. No one could possibly use this! I feel simultaneously duped and stupid. Why even develop this and call it monongramos when it is clearly NOT a monogram in the traditional sense. I am commenting so perhaps no one else donates thinking they're being nice since it's "100%" free.
woodcutter  author of Monogramos   Oct 23, 2016
monogramos font is a "font" not is software .
to combine letters needed editing software.
as in this example whit illustrator, i feel the trouble, but it is what there.
Twyla  Dec 07, 2016
192,000 downloads and no one says thank you?? Wow! THANK YOU for creating and allowing us to use this font! I haven't quite yet figured out how to edit the font using Cricut Design. Do you have any pointers for that particular editing software?
woodcutter  author of Monogramos   Dec 09, 2016
:))) thanks Twyla, and Sorry, I do not know the software "Circuit Design"
RMccrimmon  Dec 09, 2016
Is there another font on here just like this one but not stuck together? I really love this font.
Galerion  Dec 22, 2016
Make the 3 letter you want on 3 different vector layers cantered so the are on top of each other, then convert them to raster layers and use your eraser to remove the parts you don't want. Crop and copy to place onto what your making.
Dboog  Jan 06, 2017
Thank you so much for this font. I have a Silhouette Cameo and I was able to separate each letter of this font with no problems and make the three initial monogram to use for my project. Great to have.
fromthewelchhome  Jan 14, 2017
Thank you. I googled Cricut Explore Monogramos and found tutorials explaining how to separate letters.
NikkiH1022  Feb 05, 2017
Love this! Thank you so much! I was easily able to create a monogram for my daughter using only the Silhouette Cameo software! Literally took me under a minute.
woodcutter  author of Monogramos   Feb 05, 2017
Davis601  Feb 06, 2017
I love this font as well. My question is to Dboog. How did you use Silhouette Cameo to separate this font?
jatkeisson  Feb 22, 2017
To edit in Silhouette type all of the letters you want, click modify then divide, and move the letters where you want them. Simple as that.
traybienofzachary  Mar 09, 2017
I was able to separate and use font in Sure Cuts A Lot 4 - go to menu, Object, Break apart, then align letters - go to menu, Object, Merge
allysen12  Mar 09, 2017
Does anyone know how to add this font to Circuit?
kcoffin  Mar 11, 2017
For cricut...I had to add a letter at a time to do this for some reason...BUT add 1 letter at a time - ungroup- then contour and select the letter/parts you dont want...after you have your 3 letters you can arrange and regroup!
kcoffin  Mar 11, 2017
Thank you for this great font!
kcoffin  Mar 11, 2017
AH you also have to unlock before you contour. :)
woodcutter  author of Monogramos   Mar 11, 2017
evenight001  Apr 09, 2017
at first i didn't think this worked because they could not be broken apart. Until I realized I could you splice with Cricut to remove the extra letters
Jhank  Jul 26, 2017
I used illustrator to get the sections I needed. I then cleaned up the lines. They were a little messy, but I'm ok with that. at least now I have almost what i want. Thanks creator.
alicat1369  Aug 11, 2017
THANK YOU!!!!! 5 million times!!!!
jaimerose  Aug 29, 2017
i am not able to download this font =(
momof5  Sep 14, 2017
This worked perfectly for me with the Silhouette program. You have to select or highlight the group of letters then "ungroup" them to separate them. Thats how my program works anyway.
momof3girls  Dec 18, 2017
Thank you!! Once I read the comments it was simple to use in cricut design space!
davidiousdesign  Dec 21, 2017
I wish I could do 2 letter monograms.
pdioxn0012  Jan 17, 2018
You will have to cut and paste letters if you want to use this and i don't fell like it will fit right to fill the monogram. I wouldn't download it. I'd go pay for another one.
fancynancykay  Jan 17, 2018
Silhouette Studio is a free download. Before you excoriate the creator who is so nicely giving this away, why not try Studio (free of charge, like the font software) and see if it works for you. There are also versions of AI online that may help you use it. Hope that helps someone!
woodcutter  author of Monogramos   Jan 19, 2018
The Complete MONOGRAMOS font for make your monogram:

4 fonts
monogramos complete
monogramos center letters
monogramos left letters
monogramos right letters

daporkchop00  Mar 01, 2018
Thanks a ton woodcutter. These are awesome.
walapace  Aug 17, 2018
Thank you!
woodcutter  author of Monogramos   Aug 17, 2018
ericthecow  Sep 06, 2018
Thank you so much for these, I'm looking forward to playing with them with the Silhouette software which I'm slowly getting to grips with! Best wishes.
akglenn714  Sep 30, 2018
This may be a stupid question but how do you get the font to be black letters on white background? The default coloring for me is white letters on black background.
AngZap  Nov 04, 2018
When I downloaded it showed nothing in the file to compress???
SENEM ULUSU  Jan 22, 2020
HELLO, i want to write HSU (3 letters but it does not submit :(
archerymom  Feb 19, 2020
This font will not open up to where I can upload to my cricut design page. How can I do this? Please help!!!
CherylMASS  Feb 22, 2020
Thank you! Works great with Silhouette Business Edition. Release compound path once you have typed in the three letters. Then move each letter where you want them. Select, and Make compound path.
LaTomBlake3  Feb 29, 2020
Hello, can I use your fonts free for my small business commercially, or do I need to purchase a commercial license?
lizzieb  Jul 15, 2020
The separated version is at this link
It is called round monogram.
Dillon Hill Studio  Jan 06, 2021
Wow! Thank you!
woodcutter  author of Monogramos   Jan 07, 2021
The Complete MONOGRAMOS font for make your monogram:

4 fonts
monogramos complete
monogramos center letters
monogramos left letters
monogramos right letters

kairak  Jan 21, 2022
I cannot figure out how to add this font to Cricut Design Space, can someone help
JessicaHoff  Mar 10, 2022
Download it like this link shows:
THEN EXIT OUT OF CRICUT! Reopen it and when you go to font there's an option for "System" it should show up there.
dmarie67  Apr 25, 2022
there is a keyboard hack for choosing left, center and right position. the left is shift and letter, the center is tab and letter, the right is caps lock and 1-9, then different symbols afteR J, LIKE ?, >, brackets for P,Q,X etc. not sure of every letter, but look around.

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