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kaliber  Mar 26, 2008
nice font!
can i use it for commercial use?
thanks for your reply
nknappe  Feb 02, 2009
Nice handwriting! I would like to use your font in a commercial project (website) - ist this possible, and under what conditions?

Thanks in advance!
kdaffolder  Apr 27, 2009
This is an awesome font!!!
May I use it for a personal website I am developing? I am trying to embed it into a site and the site tells me "Error: This font's vendor has indicated that it is not permissible to embed this font." So, may I receive a copy of this font which is un-protected? Thank you.
webfola  Nov 10, 2009
I really like this font, thanks for sharing!

What is the exact license of this font? The Mizike zip file unfortunately only contains the ttf. After googling a while I had to find out that on other free font collection sites there is also no license? I would like to embed this font via Cufon on my new business portfolio, is this allowed?

Thanks and best regards,
mizike  author of Mizike   Nov 23, 2009
This font is Public Domain / GNU GPL so feel free to use it as you wish. If it works out for you, please send me a link to your project, I love to see where it pops up!
webfola  Jan 09, 2010
Hey wow, thanks a lot for sharing this font. My business website will launch in a few days at http://www.webfola.com

I'm using the mizike font in my logo on my business cards and on the site itself and as headlines (via Cufon). I just edited the font to include the umlauts ,,,,,, with fontForge. I hope you don't mind. Drop me a line at lars.forseth@webfola.com if I should mail you the new ttf I generated.

Cheers from Germany,

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