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kaliber  26/03/2008
nice font!
can i use it for commercial use?
thanks for your reply
nknappe  02/02/2009
Nice handwriting! I would like to use your font in a commercial project (website) - ist this possible, and under what conditions?

Thanks in advance!
kdaffolder  27/04/2009
This is an awesome font!!!
May I use it for a personal website I am developing? I am trying to embed it into a site and the site tells me "Error: This font's vendor has indicated that it is not permissible to embed this font." So, may I receive a copy of this font which is un-protected? Thank you.
webfola  10/11/2009
I really like this font, thanks for sharing!

What is the exact license of this font? The Mizike zip file unfortunately only contains the ttf. After googling a while I had to find out that on other free font collection sites there is also no license? I would like to embed this font via Cufon on my new business portfolio, is this allowed?

Thanks and best regards,
mizike  autor de Mizike   23/11/2009
This font is Public Domain / GNU GPL so feel free to use it as you wish. If it works out for you, please send me a link to your project, I love to see where it pops up!
webfola  09/01/2010
Hey wow, thanks a lot for sharing this font. My business website will launch in a few days at http://www.webfola.com

I'm using the mizike font in my logo on my business cards and on the site itself and as headlines (via Cufon). I just edited the font to include the umlauts Ü,ü,Ö,ö,Ä,ä,ß with fontForge. I hope you don't mind. Drop me a line at lars.forseth@webfola.com if I should mail you the new ttf I generated.

Cheers from Germany,

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