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gravemandesign  Dec 31, 2007
nice, really nice font. a super bold version would be great, i know itīs not a very pleasant suggestion since you haven't finished this one yet, just have it in mind for the future.

great job!

PS: love the lowercase s
igloomoo3  Aug 05, 2008
If you could add a number four to this font, that would be SUPER helpful. I absolutely adore this font, but I can't use it as a system font because of the lack of the number four.
joerichards  May 30, 2009

I love this font.

I have tried it out in a new logo, see here:

This is just a sketch at the moment, but I think you can see how your font looks good...
Stylite  Jun 03, 2010
Nice rounded font, although it's a little bleeding together.
Besides that, how did you come to the ugly Dutch word 'Maagkramp'? :P Your shapes have something to do with bowels, but that was probably not your idea ;)
CBFan1000  Feb 20, 2011
this one is so cool and i downloaded it! :)

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